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There's nothing like a nostalgic scent to bring back good memories of reading your favorite books. Homesick's books candle does just that, with its warm, sweet notes of vanilla and nutmeg. It'll smell like you just cracked open a classic novel from your bookshelf. The popular candle company has turned to Latin music for inspiration, by releasing a one-of-a-kind Cardi B candle. Yankee Candle lovers, rejoice! The company recently unveiled a new scent for called "One Together.

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Type keyword s to search. Homesick Scented Candle, Books. Shop Now. The Collection. The Collection Quote Candle. Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle Scent of the Year. Anthropologie Capri Blue in Pink Sugar. We are currently developing a state-of-the-art IT system for the educational institutions that are involved in the recruitment of the international students.

T he quality of education is much better. The basic difference is that the education system is more practical. It is realistic, what you learn can be practiced.

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Here in India, we learn mundane things. We continue to follow the old textbooks even when the world has changed so much. I studied political science for my degree, which I have never applied anywhere. I couldn't speak English till I completed my degree course. I even asked my professor if I will ever be able to speak English fluently.

He said try to think, talk, dream in English and that day I actually dreamt that I was talking in English! So the education becomes a waste here. The exposure that students get in Australia is incomparable. It is a great experience.

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In India, people are mostly self-centered. Instead of taking a holistic picture of how things will change with a better education system, people only think what will I benefit from this change? How was the experience of being guest lecturer on entrepreneurship in leading Australian universities? It was great sharing my insights with students of different nationalities and over 30 years of age. I was also able to guide many of them on their future course of action.

I could also help them solve many problems.

O ne of the problems I face is the lack of good quality people in India. We are expanding when other competitors are going slow on the business. The growth margin has come down with increasing operating costs. A new office takes at least years to break even. The number of students going abroad is falling.

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The employees in Australia are self-initiated; here we have to push them at times. But I am proud that I have one of the best teams. And I don't consider myself as the boss. I tell them that I am a person with a different set of duties. I would not say racism does not exist but I don't consider the attacks as racist attacks. I personally have not experienced anything bad. Some of the incidents have happened in low quality institutes. My company had been winning awards in Australia.

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I have been featured in the top business magazines. My family and I have never faced any kind of discrimination. I would say racism exists in India as well. When we see people from the North East we ogle at them as if they are from another world. Racism exists when we go for skin whitening. But I believe that the Australian issue has been exaggerated. Though we have recently seen a decline in the revenues and profits, we continue our expansion as we see the industry slowdown as an opportunity to expand our office network and product offerings.

Currently, we have 20 offices in India and we have plans to take to more 60 offices across India in next 3 years. This year we opened offices in Bangalore and Mysore. I ndia is a land of great potential with a growing young population. It will emerge as an economic superpower in a few decades. However, we need to build on our education and infrastructure systems.

We're here for the long haul.

Our education should be futuristic and change with the times. I had never set any goals in my life. But I was always positive.

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I never feared anything in life. I put in a lot of hard work and was determined to win. The moment you fear that you can't do something, you will never be able to do it. Education gives you the right tools but if you don't know how to use these tools, it doesn't help you. M oney cannot buy happiness. I value happiness and peace of mind. If you are happy, everything turns positive. It is about how we lead stupid lives. We have forgotten to live as we are forever chasing money. We have become too materialistic and we have ended up as the biggest losers.

In my book, I raise the question: What would you do if you know that you have just five minutes to live? Many people do not have an answer. We are too busy in calculating our bank balances that we have no time for our own happiness. Another big compliment I got was from my young daughter, who said, "Everyone can become a father, not everyone can become a daddy like you.

Always believe in yourself, follow your gut, never be fearful, live as if this is your last moment, enjoy life and make the most of every opportunity. ZaraBol - Trending Topics. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. From a candle-seller to a multi-millionaire! Naresh Gulati shares the joy of being a true winner despite all odds Click NEXT to read on How was the experience of working as the street vendor?

Were you happy doing it? Why did you decide to start studying again? How was the experience in Australia? I wanted to start the overseas education consultancy business. How difficult was it to start the company? What kind of services does the company offer? How do you compare the education system in Australia and India? What are the challenges you face in India? How do you compare employees in Australia and India?

How safe is Australia considering the attacks on Indians? How profitable is this business? How have revenues grown over the years? We have helped more than 10, students since our business commencement. What are your views on India's growth and future prospects?

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How did you succeed as an entrepreneur? How important is it to be educated? What are the biggest lessons that you learnt from your experience? Bad times will never last. Never fear anything. Every problem is an opportunity. What can't be measured can't be managed. Believe in yourself. How important is money for you? What do you value the most?

What is the best compliment you received so far?