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Aeronautical engineers around the world are already trying hard to find ways to use electric propulsion, and this technology will offer something else that in the future may allow manned and unmanned aircraft to be more efficient, and non-polluting. In particular, the fact that they have already got this out of the laboratory, and flown a battery driven model aircraft — albeit so far on a very small and controlled scale — is very exciting. The plane weighs just 2.

In the immediate future, the MIT team hope to increase the range and speed of the plane, primarily by scaling up the size of the overall machine. Potential applications in the short term include unmanned drones, where silent flight may be beneficial, and high-altitude solar-powered flight, where the lack of moving parts could allow such a plane to soar for years on end, acting as a pseudo-satellite.

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In the longer term, the ability to power flight purely through electricity opens up the possibility of carbon-neutral flight, which could lower the emissions of the aviation industry globally. Barrett also noted that solid state propulsion tends to miniaturise well, and suggested that smaller drones than those currently possible with rotor-based flight could take-off using an ionic wind drive in the future.

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Air transport Research Higher education news. And a lot of things to consider before choosing the aircraft that ultimately meets your needs. Who will be on board and how many passengers will be flying? Business or pleasure?

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When, where and for how long? High ceilings allow for free, comfortable movement around the cabin. Heavy Jets also feature the convenience of a fully enclosed lavatory. Plus, a flight attendant is on board to accommodate every in-flight request. This is the ultimate in private air travel.

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This relatively new category of aircraft has quickly become an industry favorite. The Super-Midsize Jet welcomes a maximum capacity of 9 passengers, roomier cabins than standard midsize aircraft and a fully enclosed lavatory — making it ideal for cross-country or transatlantic journeys.

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With a typical seating capacity of 7 to 8 passengers, ample room to move around the cabin and a fully enclosed lavatory, the Mid-Size Jet offers an outstanding value for hour journeys. Light Jets offer seating capacity of up to 8 passengers. Designed for shorter, regional flights, most Light Jets have limited movement throughout the cabin and are equipped with an enclosed or curtained lavatory.