How I Increased My Semen Volume and Sperm Count

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Read More: 8 things you should never do right after having sex. Environmental toxins, such as pesticides and heavy metals, can negatively affect sperm count.

Do Products to Increase Semen Volume Work?

A study in the journal Current Urology Reports suggests that exposure to environmental toxins can impact semen quality , sperm concentration, motility, and morphology. Several studies have been conducted to test the effects of mobile phone radiation on sperm count. A study in the Central European Journal of Urology found that men who kept their cell phones in their front pocket had a statistically lower number of sperm and a higher number of sperm cells with DNA fragmentation than those who did not keep their phones in their front pocket. Read More: 6 scary things your phone can do to your mind and body.

According to Trak Fertility, one of the common risk factors linked to low sperm count is the overheating of the testicles.

Normal sperm count: Everything you need to know

The use of hot tubs, in particular, is not recommended for a man trying to conceive. A study by the University of California San Francisco found that exposures to hot tubs and hot baths can negatively impact male fertility — although the impact can be reversed. In addition, there are mixed opinions on whether wearing tight underwear significantly contributes to elevated scrotal temperatures. Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco consumption have long been linked to serious health problems, including issues related to sperm motility and quality.

The Cleveland Clinic warns that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, decreases sperm production, affects sperm motility , and interferes with the production of testosterone. Opiates can disrupt testosterone production and decrease the quantity and quality of the sperm.

In addition, drinkers of 14 or more alcoholic beverages per week may have a decrease in testosterone production and an increase in estrogen production, which can lower sperm count. In terms of smoking, a Brazilian study published in the journal BJU International comparing the sperm of smokers versus that of nonsmokers, found that smokers had a higher percentage of DNA fragmentation in their sperm samples.

20 Fertility Foods That Increase Sperm Count And Semen Volume

A study of 1, men published in the Journal Andrologia found that obesity was related to lower sperm count and lower sperm motility. Obesity also was found to increase the likelihood of physical defects in the sperm, including thin and pyriform pear-shaped heads. Read More: 7 signs you're not overweight or obese, even if your BMI says you are.

Vitamin deficiencies can negatively impact your overall health, but there are some vitamins that are important for fertility, especially vitamin D. Also, taking zinc supplements increases testosterone levels and sperm count in those who are low in zinc 39 , 40 , Furthermore, zinc supplements may reduce the decrease in testosterone levels that's associated with excessive amounts of high-intensity exercise 12 , Ashwagandha Withania somnifera is a medicinal herb that has been used in India since ancient times. Studies suggest that ashwagandha may improve male fertility by boosting testosterone levels.

One study in men with low sperm cell counts showed that taking mg of ashwagandha root extract per day for three months significantly improved fertility. In comparison, minimal improvements were detected among those who got a placebo treatment A study in 57 young men following a strength-training program showed that consuming mg of ashwagandha root extract daily significantly increased testosterone levels, muscle mass and strength, compared to a placebo These findings are supported by observational evidence indicating that ashwagandha supplements may improve sperm counts, sperm motility, antioxidant status and testosterone levels 44 , Maca root is a popular plant food that originated from central Peru.

Traditionally, it has been used for its ability to enhance libido and fertility. Several studies in men showed that taking 1. Studies also suggest that maca root may improve sexual performance. In men with mild erectile dysfunction, 2.

Super Foods That Increase Sperm Count:

Taking 1. These findings have been partly confirmed by reviews, but the researchers noted that the evidence is weak and more research is needed before definite claims can be made 51 , Additionally, maca root doesn't seem to affect hormone levels. For this reason, anything that improves your overall health is likely to boost your fertility at the same time. If you are one of them, focus first on improving your general health. Many of the tips mentioned in this article are key components of a healthy lifestyle.

None of them are guaranteed to work, but if you suffer from nutrient deficiencies or low testosterone levels, chances are that they may help.

Tip number one: Zinc for more ejaculate!

Healthline and our partners may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link on this page. What Is Male Infertility? Take D-Aspartic Acid Supplements. Exercise Regularly. Get Enough Vitamin C. Relax and Minimize Stress. Get Enough Vitamin D. Try Tribulus Terrestris. Take Fenugreek Supplements. Get Enough Zinc.

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Consider Ashwagandha. If you and your partner are planning a pregnancy, you might be wondering about the health of your sperm. Understand the factors that can affect male fertility — then consider steps to help your sperm achieve your goal. The male reproductive system makes, stores and moves sperm. Testicles produce sperm.

Fluid from the seminal vesicles and prostate gland combine with sperm to make semen. The penis ejaculates semen during sexual intercourse. Age can also play a role. The ability of sperm to move and the proportion of normal sperm tend to decrease with age, affecting fertility, especially after age Sperm can be especially vulnerable to environmental factors, such as exposure to excessive heat or toxic chemicals.

To protect your fertility:. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer can impair sperm production and cause infertility that might be permanent. Ask your doctor about the possibility of retrieving and storing sperm before treatment. Adopting healthy lifestyle practices to promote your fertility — and avoiding things that can damage it — can improve your chances of conceiving.

If you and your partner haven't gotten pregnant after a year of unprotected sex, however, you might consider being evaluated for infertility. A fertility specialist also might be able to identify the cause of the problem and provide treatments that place you and your partner on the road to parenthood. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below.