The Demon Room

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The Prowling Demons, also known as the Titanite Demons, are demons born from the scattered legendary slabs after the unnamed blacksmith deity passed away.

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They wield the Titanite Catch Pole which still has residual power from the Titanite Slab from which they are spawned. Sen's Fortress In the tar pit down below the swinging blade area. There are four of these demons here. Note that the second pair are not guarding anything.


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The Demon Room!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Kaijumatic Giant Monsters of Film. Darren Nakamura. Players will occasionally encounter bosses in their adventures. Note that bosses are not considered normal or elite monsters. Bosses perform special actions on their turn that are summarized on their stat card. Explanations for more complicated abilities can be found in the Scenario Book.

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Lastly, bosses are immune to certain negative conditions. The conditions to which they are immune are listed on their stat card. When we played it 2p, we opened the altar room from the north, and it immediately moved on the first turn.

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We didn't think we could catch up while chasing it, so we moved to intercept it, going the other direction. Then when we had a brief intersection point with it, we unloaded on it with all we had.

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It takes a bit of luck, IMO, because you can't "chase" the altar. If it draws a few specials in a row, it'll outrun almost anyone. So you have to intercept it.