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HIDDEN — Wales is emerging as a strong destination for mystery settings saw Requiem and Keeping Faith join Hinterland and with good reason: the dark, moody landscapes led themselves perfectly to dark, moody secrets, but Hidden is a personal favorite. A tense, claustrophobic story with Sian Reese-Williams as DI Cadi John trying to solve a case of a serial sex offender who keeps women captive for years at a time, but has deep wounds of his own to contend with, is almost too tense for words.

MISSING — A strongly acted, very effective anthology series featuring two separate cases in 2 available seasons — first one focusing on a five-year-old boy, the second one a teenage girl. Very good, dark stuff. Did the owl do it? The conversation continues.

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Looming large over them all is Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong , one of the most charismatic, deeply disturbed, but also heartbreaking villains of our time. A fun crime story, yes, but also an unflinching insight into what havoc untreated mental illness can do, even to the brightest of minds. I still maintain Debra should have known better. JINX — The six part show by Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling the team behind Oscar nominated Capturing The Friedmans follows the story of Robert Durst with Durst willingly participating an heir around whom most humans seem to be dying whenever it is convenient for him.

While we often complain about mysteries not wrapping up in one season, Keepers could have used some more room to breathe and investigate. Season two is now available. What makes a daughter kill her mother? What makes a mother be the kind of mother that gets murdered by her own blood? Prepared to be fascinated, outraged, and make sure you have someone to discuss this with after it is over. Watch the original and skip the Maria Bello fiasco American network TV tried to shove down our throats a few seasons back.

Which is a shame because the 10 episodes available do it all: offer some truly chilling crimes for our heroine to solve, have a great underlying personal mystery that keeps her going, and villains both far and near to her that are worth the slow burn. While the third season feels a little stale, the first two were amazing. Gillian Anderson does a great job of creating yet another iconic detective that, if this show takes off after first season and it should , will maybe help us all not think of her as Agent Dana Scully 4ever.

Set in Northern Ireland, it follows her as Stella Gibson, trying to track down a murderer and stalker of women before time runs out. The interesting turn here is that we meet the killer as soon as we meet Stella, and while his identity never being in question at least to the viewer could have been a downfall of the show, the cat-and-mouse dynamic that emerges from it is palpably nail-biting. Fast talking, hilarious and very non-nonsense, she is one of those characters you wish existed on every show. The six episode arc of Final Season 4 was produced exclusively for Netflix.

Feel like no crime could surprise you these days? The dynamic between the two seemingly mismatched leads is amazing too. Fourth movie just premiered in Europe, so fingers crossed it is coming our way shortly. Inspired by the work of Jon Douglas, David Fincher, who brought us Se7en , Gone Girl , Zodiac and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo knows a thing or two about building tension, and with the series structure he is allowed to spread his wings a little more than with motion picture format restrictions.

The Night Of: John Turturro should win one of those Academy Awards for people who did something good enough to win an Oscar but not in a category that qualifies them for one. Goliath: Billy Bob Thornton won a Globe for his role in this and it is well deserved. A classic little guy vs. Brilliant, beautiful, and with a genuinely evil glint in her eye, her sparring with Luther walks the thin line between danger and flirtation, as something reminiscent of a friendship emerges. You have to see it to believe it. And then probably re-see it. Much like Wind River , Cardinal is not perfect, but there is plenty of atmosphere and internal turmoil to go around, especially as the complicated relationship between Cardinal and his new partner Detective Delorme, is unspooled.

The show just got renewed for two more mini season each is a six episode arc so look forward to more murder and feelings in Canada. Available on: Hulu, Youtube, Google Play. River is about interpersonal relations and declining mental health as much as it is about the cases at hand, and Morgan has an ear for dialogue and truly stands by our unreliable narrator in a way that feels very real and therefore more gutwrenching.

Only six episodes, so savor it. But the first episode of season 1 takes you by the jugular within the first five minutes and does not let go. In fact, I am still shuddering just thinking about it. The shocks subside as episodes pass, but a very solid offering throughout. GEORGE GENTLY -In the s, an old-school detective is paired with a potentially shady new partner and has to come to terms with the fact that the lines between the police and the criminals have tentatively been blurred.

The novels were terrific and it only seemed natural that a mini-series series was in order. Jason Isaacs is great as Brodie, and while the plot lines never really reach the literary heights Atkinson set us up for, it is still a noble contribution to the genre. Read the books though. Olivia Colman confirms her international treasure status as his partner. Second season was underrated and the third and final season is available now. In this cinematic tour de force, the doomed girl whirls through an increasingly noirish world: a sinister carnival, desolate city squares with floating newspapers, a lurid nightscape with prostitutes clustered under streetlamps, a nightmarish orgy of masked, savage figures, and finally a funeral at which the girl, now in filthy rags, collapses and dies.

Nothing so gruesome happens in the film though the image of the impresario Lermontov caressing a sculpture of a severed foot in a pointe shoe may be a sly allusion , but the psychological violence is no less brutal. This cruelty lurks in a radiant, enchanting world of crimson-plush theaters and rococo drawing rooms , the vibrant bustle of Covent Garden, the deep, plangent blue of the Mediterranean, and the crumbling, sun-soaked stones of a villa above Monte Carlo. So is The Red Shoes a film noir? His selections, which ranged from tortured-artist dramas Young Man with a Horn, The Big Knife to explorations of the blurred border between art and madness Specter of the Rose, Peeping Tom , drove home the message that art, no less than money or sex, can be a fatal obsession.

Why do we swallow the bitter pills of noir with such insatiable delight? That is the endlessly interesting question. Boasting the longest, most versatile career of any Czechoslovak New Waver, the late master made films mixed with deep compassion and an antiauthoritarian spirit. By Peter Cowie. By Andrew Chan. One Scene. By Joe Talbot. Alec Guinness carved out a place among the greatest of British actors by mixing his demure persona with dry wit and a taste for the absurd. By David Thomson. Share Share. The adult son is the only member of the family who tries to reconstruct and understand what happened in their childhood.

He poses questions, but never gets any concrete answers. Silent Zone is about that position in our bodies where we store all the parts of our lives that we cannot or dare not to confront. Silent Zone is also a physical place where all the unspoken incidents occur. It is also a state of mind, where the system - muscles, brain, feelings etc.

The libretto is based on freely interpreted statements from a group of people, who know about the taboo to its most extreme degree. Earth and the Great Weather is a journey through the physical, cultural, and spiritual landscapes of the Arctic, in music, language, and sound. Three drum quartets are interspersed throughout the work and are inspired by the elemental power of natural forces in the Arctic and by the ecstatic energy of Alaska Native drumming and dancing.

Libretto English by Barry Lopez. Prankster, warrior, seducer, fool: Old Man Coyote is the most enduring legend in Native American culture. Crafty and cagey—and often the victim of his own magical intrigues and lusty appetites—he created the earth and man. Based on tales collected by Barry Lopez from forty-two tribes, the stories bring to life a timeless myth that abounds with sly wit, erotic adventure, and rueful wisdom. Two siblings sit at the deathbed of their mother, and an unpleasant family secret is slowly unravelled.

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen. The Maastricht Easter Play ed. Hollman and David Morrison A twelfth century liturgical musical drama. English translation by Wilbur W. Hollman and David Morrison. La Mascherata The Masquerade Opera in two acts. A masterpiece of musical and dramatic unity, this liturgical drama reveals the unusually perceptive artistic insight of its anonymous author or authors. The three subsequent, closing scenes are short The Two Disciples, The Two Pilgrims, The Apotheosis and contain more dramatic and musical tension, culminating in a liturgical climax with the singing of the Surrexit and the final Te Deum.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Opera in two acts. Libretto English by Alasdaire Middleton. The beautiful young Dorian Gray has a pact with a picture of himself, painted by a friend. The portrait of Dorian Gray shows all the age and misery of his life, but the living Dorian Gray stays young and beautiful. Gray breaks the heart of his betrothed Sybil Vane, and she kills herself. At first Gray regrets his treatment of her, but is persuaded by a friend to forget her. In the following years Dorian enjoys all sorts of narcotics and sensual stimulants, learns how to use and abuse women, and even commits murders.

Gradually he regrets his pact with the picture and he thrusts a knife into his alter ego. The opera has been conceived as choreographed and staged with dancers on the stage and singers backed up in the orchestral pit. The Brothers Opera in one act. The Lady from the Sea Opera. A metrical spoof on ancient Greek verse accompanied by Viennese waltzes. This satire tells the story of Helen after the death of her husband, Menelaus.

Helen, deciding that she must find someone she can love, goes searching for the ghost of Achilles on the Island of the Blest. After wooing him back to life, she carries him off to a secluded island but eventually decides that they must separate before their love for each other dies. She sends him back to resume his place among the ghosts and thinking she has exhausted the possibilities of life, decides to wait for death. But when a young fisherman appears she decides not to retire after all.

Ellida, the daughter of a lighthouse-keeper, lives a narrow life with a husband several years her senior. Full of longing for the sea and for a freedom she does not have, she is shaken from her lethargy when the unexpected arrival of a mysterious stranger creates a storm that threatens to submerge the whole family.

He offers an escape from the stifling world she inhabits, and Ellida must decide whether to do her duty or answer the call of the sea… Publisher: Chester Music Ltd. The Dancing Master Opera in one act. A comedy about the visit of two young lovers Charles and Yvonne to Tunisia where Charles asks an ancient statue of Venus to teach him about love. The plot follows the heroine, Miranda and her two suitors: a French dandy and Gerard, who disguises himself as a dancing master.

The Wish Opera in one act. The Open Window Chamber opera. The scene is a pleasant drawing room of a small manor house in the country. The time, the present, on a sunny afternoon in October. Gesualdo composed some of the most sublime music ever heard and yet he was able to brutally murder his wife, her lover, her father and his own child. A bedroom. Gesualdo and his servant Antonio repeatedly stab the bodies of his wife Maria and her lover Fabrizio.

Everyone knew about the affair except the husband. Gesualdo is convinced that God will forgive him. The Chapel. Antonio flagellates Gesualdo as penance. Gesualdo is wracked with guilt. As Antonio leaves he sees what pain his master is in and fears the killing will continue. The ghost of Maria appears. She asks Antonio not to kill his master so that his suffering will be long and painful. Gesualdo questions how so much sacred music can flow from a profane deed. He wants Antonio to kill him. If he kills Gesualdo his music will also die. Translation available: English. In Southern Italy at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the carabinieri are on the trail of Fra Diavolo, a notorious bandit and his companions.

Fra Diavolo appears at the local inn, disguised as the Marquis de San Marco and attempts to steal money from Lord and Lady Cockburn who are staying at the inn.

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Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by John Gutman for this work but does not supply orchestral materials. Libretto Swedish by Ivar Arosenius. Lillan meets a cat who lets her ride on his back. An exciting journey begins, on which they meet many kinds of animals — big, small, dangerous and friendly, including a cock, a pig, a cow, a horse and a crocodile. Sometimes the animals are afraid of Lillan and the cat, at other times the reverse.

The journey ends in the city where they meet the king himself. Was it pure generosity, pure selflessness? Or did Whitman feel some need to escape his own life — or to know himself better by putting himself through a Danteesque challenge? Once in the hospital, Whitman strikes up a friendship with a volatile young soldier named John Wormley. As the war drags on, their relationship grows deeper and more complicated: Whitman never could have expected either the love or the betrayals that await him.

A crane has been transformed into a woman. She has married a poor farmer in gratitude for saving her life when she was wounded as a bird. They are happy together and she makes a great deal of money weaving beautiful clothes for the townsfolk. The greedy peasant drives his wife to greater and more exhausting efforts, not knowing that when she weaves in secret she turns back into a crane and uses her feathers for the cloth.

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The farmer breaks his vow never to look into the room where his wife weaves. When he sees the truth, the spell is broken and she leaves him forever, their happiness destroyed by greed. Second Nature Opera. Set in a fictional future when humans have retreated from nature because of the deteriorating environment, Second Nature tells the story of two inquisitive and courageous youths who decide to leave the safety of their artificial habitat and work to heal the planet.

Hangman, Hangman! Libretto English by the composer after a traditional cowboy song. Built around a fairy story, this opera is based on insight into the supernatural and contact with the spirits; it reveals the problems and suffering of the lonely. A scrap-heap on the outskirts of a town is the setting where these themes become externalised. Johnny is about to be hanged when he sees his parents and sweetheart approaching and believes they will buy his release.

The Banquet takes place in a Renaissance palace. The ruler, surrounded by his daughter, his councillors and a few servants, plans a banquet. He is nevertheless troubled by loneliness and depression and yearns for his former light-heartedness. Naturalism and art, symbolised in the play by an ape and a singing-master, are the only ones who can soothe him.

The witch is summoned before the Bishop, but their encounter only makes the Bishop humbler and wiser.

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Alan Garner based his libretto on a medieval fragment and, in the tradition of much of his work, it combines scholarship with the rural wit of his lineage that includes many generations of craftsmen in the Alderley district. No Laughing Matter Musical in one act for children to perform. A king takes a young bride whose natural ebullience is suppressed by the dour Council of Ministers in the name of preserving dignity in the kingdom. When the tables are turned, rejoicing prevails. Fair Means or Foul Opera in one act for a young audience. The Poet offers to buy a kiss from her for a sum the greedy Financier cannot refuse.

These plans might very well succeed if not for the combative Princess. Joseph, doubting the Holy Conception, demands a miracle of Gabriel before he will believe. Satan intervenes to sabotage the miracle, but Gabriel sacrifices himself so that it can occur. Herod, desperately searching for the Child, offers a large reward for information regarding His whereabouts. The Landlord who turned Mary and Joseph away from the inn suspects his slave girl of having given them shelter.

He will do anything to collect the reward and she will do everything to protect the Child, who can be saved now only by a miracle. It is acclaimed by all who hear it except Zeus himself. He is so incensed by the association of his name with this avant-garde music that he causes the composer to be pursued by the three Furies.

The wife of an insanely jealous husband enlists the aid of a neighbour to assist her in feigning an infidelity, believing this will cure her husband of his jealousy.

Unfortunately, the neighbour has an insanely jealous wife. In this dark comedy, two murderers hiding from the law meet with a man whom they befriend, thinking he is a criminal like themselves. Our eight-year-old heroine and nine-year-old hero, compounding their ignorance of the facts of life, believe that marriage will be the solution to all their problems. The Maker of Illusions Opera in one act for family audience.

A Piece of String Opera in three acts. Libretto English by the composer after Maupassant. A wicked queen is exiled to a mountaintop, where she is guarded by a genie and his goblins. Fearing the loss of her beauty, the queen commands the genie to bring her a youth whose life force she can steal. He never succeeds in proving his innocence and his character and reputation are gradually eroded. A Very Special Gift Musical in one act for children to perform. Voluptua, young wife of the aging Count Formaggio, has decided to poison her husband in order to be free to marry her lover, Scorpio.

Phobia, her maid, tries to warn the Count of his danger, with unexpected consequences. Billy seems to have no talent for anything. When he comes into possession of a tame bear, he is revealed to have a very special gift indeed. Whereas the princess is content to be a commoner, the handmaiden finds being royal not at all to her liking. It is with some relief that she abandons the deception. A Jewish mother with an unmarried daughter encounters a suitable man. She tries to interest him in the daughter, but he, being a vampire, has other plans. Antony and Cleopatra , rev.

Libretto English by Franco Zeffirelli after Shakespeare. John and Mary are having a quiet, boring evening at home, lamenting the absence of excitement in their lives. A stranger enters, followed by a Hero, a Heroine and a Villain. Excitement abounds. A former scullery maid, working in Victorian London, is dismissed from service for problems she did not cause.

One day she happens to meet her former mistress. While the maid is now a wealthy courtesan, her former employer has fallen to a low estate. Each envies the other. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Opera in one act for a young audience. This opera was written for children to collaborate with professional singers. The opera presents the familiar events of the well-known story; the Queen gets her comeuppance in a happy ending. Even though Erika says she is pregnant by Anatol, she refuses his offer of marriage.

Vanessa and Anatol marry instead and go off, leaving Erika to wait for her true love. A Toymaker has created two lifelike dolls, which he thinks of as his children. A Magician hears of these marvellous creations and attempts to steal them to use in his act. He is thwarted by the dolls themselves.

Fidelio , rev. Poor settlers struggle to survive on a small, barren section in inland Australia. Leonore dressed as a young boy, Fidelio, gets a job with the prison warden Rocco. She persuades Rocco to let the prisoners out into the daylight for a short time, hoping that this will offer Florestan his best chance at escape. But unbeknown to her, the tyrannical governor has shackled Florestan in a dungeon and plans to kill him to prevent his being discovered by the authorities who believe him already to be dead.

Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by Theodor Baker for this work but does not supply orchestral materials Chorus parts English on rental; vocal score German and English for sale. Count Almaviva, in the guise of Lindoro, a young student, is serenading Rosina, the ward of Dr Bartolo. The Doctor will not allow him to marry her since he wants her beauty and money for himself.

Figaro suggests that Lindoro should billet himself with the Doctor in the guise of a soldier, but he is revealed. Marcellina would like to marry the Doctor and knows something shady about his past. Figaro persuades her to disclose the secret. Marcellina wins a lottery and becomes rich. The Doctor is forgiven and is accepted by Marcellina. A double wedding is planned. In this scene, the first of the opera, Malo, a slave, reveals to his master, Porus, that his daughter Volivia is in love with Sartagones, son of his mortal enemy.

They spy on the two lovers, who sing a duet pledging eternal fidelity.

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Surprised by Porus, Sartagones begs for acceptance, which is denied until he threatens to take his own life. In a fit of compassion and nobility, Porus consents to the union and a joyous trio of reconciliation ends the scene. A Christmas Carol Chamber opera in five staves for dramatic tenor and chamber ensemble. Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly money-lender living in Victorian London. Visited on Christmas Eve by the ghost of his late business partner, Jacob Marley, he is warned that he needs to change his ways or else face eternal damnation.

Later that night, he is visited by three further spirits and is forced to relive Christmases of his past and present as well as those of the future if he remains as cruel as he is. The next morning is Christmas morning. Shocked to the core and delighted to be alive he resolves to do as the spirits request and becomes the most generous man that London ever came to know.

Publisher: Chester Music Ltd. Full score and vocal score for sale. Cast: 7 treble voices; SA chorus Orch: pf. Vocal score and libretto for sale. Elvira believes she has been betrayed and loses her mind. But when the truth emerges, she is reunited with her betrothed and Arthur is pardoned by Cromwell. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by William Weaver for this work but does not supply orchestral materials Libretto Italian and English for sale.

Faithfully adhering to the six original pictures of , this opera in six scenes tells the story of the precipitous downfall of Moll Hackabout. La Sonnambula The Sleepwalker Comic opera in two acts eight scenes. Libretto Italian by Felice Romani. In a small Swiss village, Amina becomes engaged to a local farmer, Elvino. Lisa, who owns the local mill is furiously jealous as she too is in love with Elvino. Unknown to her family and friends, Amina is a somnambulist and when Count Rodolfo checks into the inn she enters his bedroom at night and is found there in the morning asleep.

Elvino is disgusted and decides to marry Lisa. In Parenthesis Opera in two acts. The horrors or the First World War are contemplated by Bards representing Britain and Germany who look back through the veils of time and memory at the fallen. The action homes in on John Ball, a young Private in the Royal Welch Fusiliers; a clumsy, hapless soldier also possessed of moments of hallucinatory vision in which Celtic and mythical imagery consumes him.

As his platoon marches toward the front line, his visions intensify until they take over the entire action of the opera at Mametz Wood, where he sees the Queen of the Woods and her Dryads bring death and destruction in their wake. By the end he is the sole survivor, Mametz is destroyed.

In the spirit of the eternal cycle of destruction and regeneration, by dawn Ball sees the woodland beautifully regenerate and the fallen are garlanded with flowers by the Dryads. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by William Weaver for this work but does not supply orchestral materials Chorus parts on rental; vocal score Italian and English and libretto Italian and English for sale. Jason and the Golden Fleece Musical play for junior schools. Text by the composers. This versatile musical play can be performed in a variety of ways and has ample scope for involving any number of children in the solo parts, chorus and acting roles.

The action is always fast moving with short and simple dialogue linking the songs. Written in a popular style, the music is easy to learn and will appeal to young performers. Norma Tragic opera in two acts five scenes. Set in ancient Gaul, Norma tells the story of the struggle between the Druids and the invading Romans. Norma is a Druid priestess who has had two children by the local Roman leader Pollione. Distraught, Normal asks Adalgisa to take her children and return with Pollione to Rome. Adalgisa refuses and decides to renounce Pollione and become a priestess.

Finally, Norma publicly admits that she has forsaken her vows and is condemned to death. Pollione, moved by her bravery, decides to die with her. Automaten The Automata Chamber opera in seven scenes. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by William Weaver for this work but does not supply orchestral materials Chorus parts on rental; libretto Italian and English for sale. I Puritani The Puritans Opera seria in three parts. Libretto Italian by Carlo Pepoli. Faust III Opera in three acts. A Dinner Engagement Opera in one act, two scenes.

Libretto English by Paul Dehn. An impoverished member of the English aristocracy and his wife are awaiting the arrival of their dinner guests, the Grand Duchess and her gourmet son, Phillippe, whom they hope will be interested in their daughter, Susan. The elaborate preparations go wrong and at the worst possible moment, their guests arrive through the back door.

The Prince, however, does fall in love with Susan and all ends happily, with an instant betrothal. Faust appears in three different guises, as himself in the first act, as Leopold Bloom in the second act and as Josef K. Man, in the figure of Faust, is delivered up to his fate, allowing himself to be tempted by seductive diabolicism.

Libretto Swedish and English by Bo Carpelan. The British Embassy in Naples is the scene of a birthday party for Nelson, arranged to celebrate his victory at the Nile. This releases the passionate feelings of the couple for each other and the conflict in their lives. Based on an ancient Swedish folk tale concerning a virgin princess who is forbidden to see her lover in the light. The King finds the tree and breaks off a branch, but Prince Hatt warns that he must be married to the first girl the King meets.

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This proves to be his youngest daughter. The Fool warns that the Princess must never look at the Prince in the Light, but she casts a light which blinds him and ages her. Later, the singing tree helps the Princess find her husband, the witch mother is destroyed by light and the couple are restored and reunited. Ruth Opera in one act, three scenes. Libretto by Eric Crozier, from the Old Testament. Naomi, her daughter-in-law and Ruth are returning to Judah.

The chorus plays a prominent role throughout the opera, especially in harvest celebrations. Castaway Opera in one act, four scenes designed as a companion-piece to A Dinner Engagement. She falls in love with him but for reasons of etiquette cannot ask him his identity until he has dined at the palace.

On the following day, he must sail for Ithaca to his beloved wife Penelope. Nausicaa is greatly disappointed. Les Troyens The Trojans Opera. Libretto French by the composer. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by David Cairns for this work but does not supply orchestral materials. Glasmenageriet The Glass Menagerie Opera. Libretto English by the composer, based on the play by Tennessee Williams. Le Carosse du Saint-Sacrement Opera in one act, eight scenes.

The Wingfields are a family beset by complex and highlycharged relationships. Amanda has a strained relationship with her son Tom, whom she accuses of neglecting his family and drinking too much. After dinner, Laura and Jim sit alone and they kiss. Jim immediately regrets this show of affection and tells her he is already engaged. After the ensuing argument, Tom leaves his family home for good. The viceroy of Peru, suffering from gout, is confined to his room instead of going to church to attend a magnificent ceremony with the whole town.

She wishes to be the envy of all Lima. Instead, she manages to cause a scandal by upsetting another coach. She returns to the viceroy with the Bishop of Lima to inform him that henceforth the coach is to serve to carry the Blessed Sacrament to dying Peruvians. While the infatuated viceroy admires her pious action, the Bishop delights in possessing so beautiful a coach. Vocal score for sale. The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder Opera in two acts, five scenes. Libretto English by the composer, based on a short story by Henry Miller.

Set at the circus, Augusto the clown is goodness itself. In a fit of happiness, Augusto tries to embrace the policeman, who interprets the action as an attack and tragically shoots the clown down. Miss Julie is torn between her desire for a relationship and her upbringing which has taught her to hate men. She is emotional and confused, whereas he is cool and calculating. Emotions submit to calculated coolness. Carmen Opera in four acts. Gengangere Ghosts Opera in three acts.

Libretto German by the composer, based on Ibsen. But Escamillo follows them and comes to claim Carmen. Back in Seville, Carmen has promised herself to Escamillo if he wins the bullfight. But she rejects him and he, blinded by jealousy, stabs her in the heart. Mrs Alving, though an intellectually emancipated woman, has dedicated herself to the suppression of a truth, namely the profligacy of her late husband, Captain Alving; but the past cannot so easily be erased.

Her son, Oswald, recently returned from Paris, has inherited syphilis from his father and gives the appearance of being a replica, a ghost, of his father in sexual waywardness. Engstrand burns an orphanage financed by Mrs Alving in memory of her husband and, as the opera closes, it remains unclear whether Mrs Alving will administer morphine to her son as promised. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by Ruth and Thomas Martin for this work.

Vocal score French and English and libretti French and English, in versions with and without dialogue for sale. Ivan IV Opera in five acts. The libretto is about Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible, his requited love for Marie and court intrigue that ensnares her father and brother in an assassination plot. Boyars celebrates the victory of Ivan over the Tartars. Ivan congratulates Yorloff, who uncovered the conspiracy and who is confident that his own daughter, Marie, will be chosen by Ivan as wife.

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People sing praises on the marriage of Ivan and Marie. The cortege approaches and Igor steals on, Yorloff reveals to him that he has a grievance against Ivan. Marie felt in love with Ivan. Yorloff tells the Tsar that he will watch out for assassins, and when Ivan has left admits Igor. Marie is horrified when Igor tells her he has come to kill the Tsar.

Igor is about to stab her when Marie reminds him that their mother had placed her under the protection of her brother. He forgives his sister and embraces her. An officer enters to announce that the Kremlin is on fire and enemies are attacking the gates. Ivan condemns Igor and Marie then collapses.

Yorloff proclaims himself regent, as the tsar had lost his reason. Courtiers sing praises to Ivan and Marie. The Olympians Romantic opera in two acts. Libretto English by John Boynton Priestley.

The Gods of Olympus, forgotten by men, are reduced to travelling the world as a troupe of wandering players. Tobias and the Angel Opera written for television. On the first night, as Tobias washes his feet by a river, he catches a large fish, from which Azarias tells him to remove the heart, liver and gall. During this climactic scene, Azarias reveals his true identity — he is the Angel Raphael.

The Impresario Perplext Operatic squabble; operetta in one act. Two rival prima donnas of contrasting temperament are furiously competing for the leading role in a new production. He tries vainly to negotiate with the French, decimates their forces, but is tricked into captivity. After his death in France, the French are routed and the independent black state of Haiti is created. Libretto for sale Schirmer Australia Pty Ltd. Or they can be done in any way in between. Rejse Voyage Operatorio. When God discovers this, Lucifer is consigned to Hell. For performance notes, see entry for Dracula!

Score for sale. In the opera we follow Jens Munk, the son of a bankrupt father, who travels out at a very young age, first to the New World and then several times to the cold North. He has to look death in the eye and loses his whole crew. Week after week on the cold ice, as if hypnotised by the energy of the ice, Jens Munk is drawn time after time into this universe. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to find the North West Passage he ends up in prison. He has not achieved his goal, but he is not dead either. This opera is about ordinary people at work. With an office as the setting, in the midst of a raging financial crisis, they fight the battles, large and small, of working life and existence in general.

We are thus offered comic and intimate insights into our characters: we know these people — we are these people. At first glance everything looks very civilised, but this opera is about power in all its shades. Here, every day, each person fights a battle of life and death; a battle for love, for sex, recognition, wealth, security, for the power to dominate others, for survival and reproduction.

Four characteristic scenes written by Danish author Svend Aage Madsen located at four characteristic places in the Danish city Aarhus — the central station, the shopping centre, Bruun Galleri, the public library, and the ethnic shopping centre, Bazar Vest. The scenes and characters are somewhat connected and the four scenes can be played in a theatre with staging or they can be played on location in any city with similar places. The Fall of Lucifer Dramatic cantata. Text English adapted by the composer from one of the Chester Miracle Plays. God, having created the Angels, leaves Lucifer in charge while he goes to continue his work of creation.

When, on his return, God discovers what they have done, he consigns both Lucifer and Lightborne to the torments of Hell. A work which celebrates life, food, humanity and faith. A truly timeless work with music that weaves around the words like garlands of flowers or rocks the sentences on gentle waves.

Joan of Arc was found guilty of heresy and witchcraft in Today her claim to hear voices sent by God would almost certainly be dismissed as mental disturbance, but in the fifteenth century, the power of her vision was enough to convince even the Dauphin that here, in the form of a teenage peasant girl, was the saviour of France. Their task is to teach freedom and democracy and the job in hand is to demonstrate how to mount an election. At first they bring energy and enthusiasm to the project, but they lose heart and lose their grip because they begin to have their doubts and begin to ponder their own freedom.

Can you choose your own identity? Are you free when you are free to do whatever you like? Seven scenic images are matched by seven contrasting songs. Against the commands of Hades, Orpheus turns to look on their return to Earth and Eurydice fades from sight. However, the postlude ends on a happier note with the chorus and soloists surmising that the love between Orpheus and Eurydice inspired the skills of St Cecilia, patron saint of music, thereby giving that love eternal life.

The Equation Opera in one act. Text English by the composer, translated from the original Swiss-German dialect by Eleanor Gurewitsch. As the curtain falls, the Roman Marcus and the Jew Simon have each lost their friend killed by their opposite numbers in a sortie into enemy territory and have learned that in all wars, whatever the motive and whatever the place — whether it is Jerusalem or Vietnam — there can only be one solution to the equation: X equals nothing.

Libretto English by Nancy Bush. Libretto English by the composer after the story by Oscar Wilde. Mr Wilkins, a Thames waterman, finds that he is getting too old to carry on his trade. He wants his daughter Jenny to marry a waterman for security; but she is being courted by Tom Starling, a young farmer and will not agree. He is allowed to as the others think he has no chance. Prior to the race she tempts him into eating as many as possible. Having over-eaten, Nat loses the race to Tom.

This was a rising against serfdom with the aim of replacing it by wage labour and freedom for every man to rent his own acre.