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God Send Death. New Faith. Cast Down. Seven Faces. War Zone.

God Hates Us All

Here Comes The Pain. American Recordings , American Recordings. Sell This Version.

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Island Records , American Recordings. Universal Music Russia , American Recordings. American Recordings. American Recordings 2. Digital Justice. Not On Label.

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Mercury Records. American Recordings , Universal. The album's release was delayed due to its explicit cover artwork, which led to alternative slip covers in some retail outlets, difficulties during mixing, and a change of distributor for the band's label. Despite this, God Hates Us All received positive reviews from critics and peaked at number 28 on the Billboard Slayer began writing lyrics for a new album prior to their appearance at the Ozzfest. However, every three to four months the band was distracted by commitments to Ozzfest, and worldwide " Tattoo the Earth " tour with Slipknot.

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  8. Then we got our shit together. I wanted somebody who knows what's hot, knows what's selling, knows the new techniques, and will keep me on my toes. The band was pleased with Hyde's work on "Bloodline" and hired him to produce the entire album. God Hates Us All was to be recorded in a Hollywood studio; however, the band relocated to Vancouver , British Columbia due to the availability of cheaper studio time. Hyde recommended a studio to the band— The Warehouse Studio owned by Bryan Adams as he had previously worked there.

    This consisted of adding incense burners, candles, dimmed lights and pornography on the walls. Two banner flags of two middle fingers were also hung up.

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    Vocalist Tom Araya says "that was basically the attitude of Slayer in the studio. We had a red devil head on one of the speakers. We had a skull on another. That's the kind of shit we put up. Spooky stuff that makes you feel at home. Hyde used the digital audio workstation Pro Tools during the engineering , production , and audio mixing stages of the album. Slayer members wanted to keep the use of computer effects to a minimum, only to include a small amount of delay and distortion.

    Drummer Paul Bostaph follows a simple rule suggested by Rubin when in the studio: "The perfect take is the one that felt like it was going to fall apart but never did.

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    King was at the B. Rich guitar company manufacturer of his signature model, the KKV and decided to borrow a seven string guitar. After writing one song, King ordered a seven string as he thought "there's no point having one tuning for just one song," so he wrote another, going on to comment "you don't have to be good to make up a seven-string riff.

    God Hates Us All explores such themes as religion, murder, revenge, and self-control. I definitely wanted to put more realism in it, more depth.

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    God Hates Us All isn't an anti-Christian line as much as it's an idea I think a lot of people can relate to on a daily basis. One day you're living your life, and then you're hit by a car or your dog dies, so you feel like, "God really hates me today. The song "Threshold" is about reaching one's limit with a person in a situation where one is about to break—and are about to blow up as they get "under your skin", while "Cast Down" features a fallen angel who falls into drugs. Both songs were written by Hanneman. Having read several books on serial killers , Hanneman came to the conclusion he could only kill someone if they really "pissed him off", and decided he was unable to kill someone he did not know just for power.

    He later admitted he was trying to get into that person's mind; "why do they get off on it?

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    Without being angry, just killing for the sake of killing and getting off on it. I just wanted to get into that mindset. Araya was seeking inspiration, and aimed to sound convincing while singing the lyrics, avoiding himself to sound like a gimmick. However, Araya suggested that the title would be better used for a box set , which the band released in The lyrics are in reference to God's allowance of acts such as suicide and terrorism, while seemingly doing nothing to prevent them [2] [5] see problem of evil.

    A member of the heavy metal band Pantera suggested using "God Hates Us All" for a shirt design after King played the song to the band. King agreed, although he thought the phrase would have more impact as the album title. The original album cover depicts a Bible spiked with nails placed in a pentagram star shape, covered in blood with the word "Slayer" burnt across it. The liner notes intersperse the lyrics between passages from the biblical Book of Job , partly crossed out with a black marker.

    The idea was suggested by the band's record company, although King wanted more time to develop a better cover. King's concept for the cover was to show nails in the shape of a pentagram, and have them miss keywords in Bible verses so it appeared as if it had been created by a sociopath who knew where every word appears. He later complained that the outcome was typical of "a record company with absolutely no idea what the fuck they were going to do", and said that the cover "looked like a seventh grader defaced the Bible. God Hates Us All was set for release on July 10; however, concerns regarding audio mixing , the album cover, and the band's label— American Recordings —changing distributor , caused the release date to be delayed until September 11, God Hates us All received generally positive reviews from music critics.

    On Metacritic , the album has a score of 80 out of based on 12 reviews. A near flawless album," and that Araya's performance possibly makes "the most exhausting Slayer album yet. Not all critics were impressed with the album. Krgin also singled out Araya for criticism, and called the vocalist a "hollow shell of his former self, boasting a singing style that is monotonous, devoid of creativity and at times virtually unlistenable.

    In its simplest form, a song like "Exile" could pass for Motorhead pushed through the blades of a lawn mower, but that's selling Slayer short; guitarist Kerry King actively fights the groove that naturally comes from playing heavy rock-and-roll. The members cared neither about the nomination nor the award ceremony, and although they did not expect to win, thought it was "cool" to be nominated.

    Prior to Christmas , Bostaph sustained a chronic elbow injury which hindered his ability to drum, resulting in his decision to leave the band. To date, Bostaph has not viewed the footage; he has likened the experience to "breaking up with a girlfriend," and wants to move on with his life. Hanneman contacted original drummer Dave Lombardo almost ten years after his departure, and asked him if he would be willing to play for the remainder of the tour.