Against The Wind

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If you want to ascend in the world tie yourself to somebody. The man or the organization that has merit and capacity for good is helped by a certain amount of opposition. Large birds rise against the wind, not with it. A fine ship makes little progress in a dead calm. A stiff breeze purifies the atmosphere, supplying life-given principles. Man never shows his latent force until opposition faces his darling schemes. Davis: A kite can only rise against the wind.

To overcome this he must develop strength and manhood. Kites rise highest against strong winds, and men attain the greatest eminence as they surmount the greatest difficulties. John Neal was not forgotten. Several other newspapers printed the same remark and credit in In a newspaper in Lawton, Oklahoma described a short version of the saying as Chinese: Williams illuminates as it elevates his record of complete integrity.

Kites rise against, not with, the wind. In conclusion, John Neal should receive credit for the words he wrote in The metaphorical framework based on kites and wind evolved over time, and it was in use before Neal crafted his essay. The evidence linking Winston Churchill to this set of expressions is weak. Image has been resized and retouched.

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Great thanks to George Thompson who notified QI about a mailing list dialog concerning this family of sayings which led QI to formulate this question and perform this exploration. Nelly Lambert sent a quotation inquiry to a mailing list which was devoted to the 18th Century.

He also uncovered the citation. Skip to content. Here are three versions: Kites rise highest against the wind—not with it.

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Opposition is a great help to a man. Kites rise against and not with the wind. Emphasis added to excerpts by QI : 3 There are people, who, having began life, by setting their boat against wind and tide, are always complaining of their bad luck, and always just ready to give up and for that very reason are always helpless and good for nothing, and yet, if they would persevere, hard as it may be, to work up steam all your life long, they would have their reward at last.

Bob Seger - Against the Wind

Below are additional selected citations in chronological order. The following passage employed a wind-blown kite figuratively: 5 Controversy and opposition is the element in which he lives, and his talent, like a paper kite, seems only to rise when dragged against the wind.