Olivia and the Little Way

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Michael's School: Mrs.

OLIVIA - A Little Pain [DVD HD]

Wells, her new teacher, Sr. Anne Marie, the principal, and two unique sets of friends: the popular girls, Sabrina and Hayley; and the unpopular kids, Jenna and Chad. In an effort to be accepted and well-liked at her new school, Olivia makes some poor choices, then regrets her actions.

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She prays that she finds her chaplet, then she makes a renewed effort to "do little things for God. As each day goes by, Olivia learns how to love others through the Little Way: by not telling on a classmate when a note is passed to her and she is caught reading it; by using the only dollar she has to pay for another classmate's lunch and, therefore, sacrificing her own favorite lunch of tacos; by doing chores without being asked. Later in the story, however, she finds herself being encouraged to do something she knows is wrong.

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She gives in to temptation, and then she must deal with the consequences. Olivia is frustrated and admits that the Little Way is not always easy. Her grandmother tells her, "You cannot expect to follow the Little Way without some hardship along the way.

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It is a work in progress. Do not get discouraged God does not expect perfection; He only wants you to try your best every day.

Olivia and the Little Way (2008, Paperback)

In this well-written and engaging novel, author Nancy Carabio Belanger illustrates St. I highly recommend this wonderful book not only for children, but for anyone interested in following the Little Way. Therese's earthly life. These Saint Therese chaplets are handmade by the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word and come with a laminated card that features instructions on how to pray this beautiful prayer of the Church. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet.

Olivia and the Little Way

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Olivia and the Little Way

Gift Registry. Her best friend quickly becomes someone she has never seen - Saint Therese of Lisieux. Follow Olivia's trials as she tries to fit in at St. Michael's School. With the help of her grandmother, she learns about the "Little Way" of serving God and how it can change everything!

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This touching and heartfelt story celebrates the life of St. Therese and will inspire children to follow her example and discover how to live the "Little Way" for their own lives, and the blessings and even miracles that come from it. Nancy Belanger has created a contemporary example of how to live like a saint - something children greatly need in today's culture. It will inspire and encourage young readers toward a more wholesome childhood marked by a generous and vibrant faith.