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Daughter of Time Trilogy

The fear that our reading tradition might be on its last legs. My daughter is a reader.

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She loves books. Apparently, all of that late-night reading to a barely responsive infant paid off. Lately, she seems more inclined to skip reading and, instead, engage me in long, involved bedtime conversations. About her day and her opinions and her anxieties.

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And I love those talks. Our private time to explore new worlds, marvel at amazing illustrations, and tell each other stories with hand motions and silly voices and every emotion we can muster.

Bedtime reading was how I became a father. It was one of the most vital ways that I first forged a relationship with my daughter and introduced her to the big weird scary world. This is a question I've been asked several times over the past few months. My answer is always the same: I didn't. I fully intended on teaching her how to read as I wanted to be the one to do it, but since she reads well on her own I may not even have to do this. Not many people know that my daughter can read as it's not something I go around telling others.

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I've noticed sometimes people think you're bragging or maybe even lying, when in fact you're just happy and proud. Therefore, only a handful of people have been privy to my daughter's reading skills. Education has always been extremely important to me.

The Daughter of Time Summary & Study Guide

When I was a child I used to always say I wanted to be a teacher when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, when I finally "grew up" I changed my mind and decided on the computer field instead. Perhaps some day I'll be a college professor and finally have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of teaching.

For now, I'll settle as being my children's first teacher. I knew even before I had children that I didn't want to leave the teaching of my children entirely up to the public school system. I make it a point to supplement whatever they are learning in daycare or school with my own teachings by making it fun. Since birth, we've had a variety of books from board books to picture books to easy reader books and children's magazines around the house that are easily accessible.

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Talking to my daughter telling her what we were doing. Here it goes over your head. Now, let's put on your socks. Here's your left foot. On goes the white sock. Now, my daughter will often ask me, "What are we doing today, mommy?

Starting at six months I used index cards and labeled furniture, toys, television, tables, mirrors, stairs, refrigerator, doors, etc. Nearly everything in our house was labeled and I would take the time to "read" the words as we walked by them. Lots of exposure to the alphabet in the form of singing songs and reading alphabet books. We read the same ones over and over and over. This also helped her learn the sounds each of the letters make.

Exposure to traditional nursery rhymes and poems in the form of books and songs. I chose books that had lots of colored pictures, pointing out any objects and words as I read them.

My Daughter Went From a Reluctant to a Voracious Reader. Here’s How.

Reading books aloud daily for at least 15 - 30 minutes since birth. The investigation doubles as a research tutorial. He fears that there will be no room on the shelves for his addition. A Great Discovery. Grant, after all, spends the entire book in bed.

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The novel was immediately popular when it first appeared, in , and as its reach grew so did the pool of potential Ricardians. At the end of the novel, Grant assures Carradine that he need not worry about a Great Discovery. It was the first in a wave of novels, plays, and biographies sympathetic to Richard that appeared in the fifties and sixties. Half a century later, the members of the society were the Ricardians Langley called on to fund the Leicester excavation.