The Old Adam: A Story of Adventure

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Go play it. Game or story? This is a game in the olden style. Easy or difficult? Moderately difficult. The testers did convince me to add some modern features like pronouns so less of the difficulty would come from the parser. Good for newcomers? This one's for the old-timers. How much of the above isn't actually true? Some plot details seem scripted, such as when a milking goat suddenly appears as the boys are on the brink of starvation and when Walid's master gets hold of Adam's cell phone and learns there is a reward for the boy's recovery.

Nonetheless, teens will stay on the edge of their seats to find out how and when Adam and Walid will reunite with their loved ones. In the midst of a short war in a country on the Arab peninsula, year-old Adam, an Australian expatriate who does not want to return home, and Walid, a camel rider from Bangladesh, manage to elude Walid's former employers and survive in the harsh desert, although they lack a common language or culture.

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Adam's mother has gone home to Australia, and the boy is to follow the next day when his dad, a pilot, arrives from a trip. When the bombs begin to fall, he runs away from neighbors who attempt to take him across the border to safety. Walid, who had been sold by his mother, who hoped for something better for him, was left tied up in the mountains after accidentally causing the death of a camel. The alternating first-person voices, set off typographically, reveal the depth of the boys' cultural difference and their growing ability to communicate, understand, and respect one another.

The harshness of the desert is clear, as is Adam's ignorance and unpreparedness. Readers who may first identify with the fun-loving Adam will come to appreciate Walid's skills and determination, and may learn something about Muslim ways in the process.

Adam Jensen

The suspense is sustained and the wildly improbably happy ending is very satisfying. Some readers may not appreciate the number of times "acting like a girl" is a derogatory phrase, but this is a solid survival adventure. First-novelist Mason makes an auspicious debut with this Australian import about two boys from disparate cultures who form a bond under harrowing circumstances.

Twelve-year-old Australian Adam, and his parents live in a housing compound for foreigners in a fictional Middle-Eastern country. When war breaks out suddenly, Adam is alone and must evacuate with neighbors. He eludes them in a desperate effort to rescue his dog. Meanwhile, young "camel rider," or jockey, Walid is trussed and left to die in the mountains by his abusive owners. How these two find each other and connect, making their way to safety despite daunting linguistic and cultural barriers and the forbidding desert and deadly heat, makes for a fast-paced, exciting read. The boys' respective dialogue and musings are initially defined by alternately told chapters and changes in fonts.

Once they meet, subsequent chapters intersperse these fonts, emphasizing their misunderstanding of each other, sometimes to comical effect. Immediacy is achieved with first-person, present-tense narration. Though the ending is pat and some characters aren't well defined, there's more than enough here to sustain interest and to open readers' eyes to a way of life they'll hardly believe actually exists.

Dr Muir led an adventurous life. In the early s Guy Newmarch married Catherine, only daughter of Dr Muir, who had just returned to China after more than 10 years boarding school education in Scotland. After the war, Anne, who had become a model for the fashion house, Hardy Amies in London, married a penniless artillery officer called Peter Williams. Through her connections he got a job with a Far East trading company, and so it was that Adam was born in Hong Kong, on 10th July , the third generation of his family to have been born in China.

Growing up as a child Adam listened to stories from his mother and grandmother about their lives in China between the two World wars.

A 10-Year-Old Adam Lanza Created A Horrifying Book About Hurting Children

Adam spent his first 10 years in Hong Kong and Japan. So it was that Adam and his brother, Piers, grew up in the privileged environs of the Peak. But from the age of 9 years Adam went to prep school and public school in England, returning to the Far East only for the holidays. I never lost that desire to write, but for many years another love, travel, got in the way.

I had my first taste while I was still at school, when, in one of the vacations, I drove with two friends through Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Then I worked my passage on a Norwegian merchant ship as a deckhand to Australia. At Oxford I was taught by the poet and playwright, Francis Warner. Among the luminaries who came to talk to us at his seminars — as well as W H Auden, Stephen Spender, Iris Murdoch and others — was one of the greatest of our present day travel writers, Jan Morris.

Listening to her, I thought I had discovered a vocation. But after graduation, it was the turn of life to get in the way. Adam tried to follow the adventurous course, dreaming himself as some future Peter Fleming or Bruce Chatwin or Thesiger, and he spent a cold winter trying to sell encyclopedias in North London in a vain attempt to raise money for a camel expedition across the Sahara.

And so, unsuspecting at first, I found myself becoming re-absorbed into my family heritage. Adam studied in Hong Kong and Taiwan for two years, supplementing his income by teaching English and writing features for the Asian Wall Street Journal. In he married Fumei Wang whom he had met in Taiwan. He got a job on the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong as a general reporter, covering such stories as the illegal immigration over the border from China and the plight of the Vietnamese Boat People.

Slowly, almost subliminally, the fascination with China grew.