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Jumping soon follows. Help her to exit calmly. Click and treat your puppy for sitting in the crate before you let her out. When you open the door, immediately click and treat for all four paws on the floor. Do the same in any situation that is likely to cause your puppy to jump. The better you are at clicking and treating before a jump has occurred, the faster your puppy will learn.

Is it Safe for Puppies to Jump? Is Jumping Bad for Dogs?

There is one other exercise that you can do with your puppy that can help her stay calm enough to remain on the floor in an exciting situation. Practice moving around quickly so that your puppy is excited enough to jump on you. Just as she is about to jump, stop moving and click and treat before she jumps. Start out moving slowly, and gradually increase the level of excitement until you are able to run around the room with your puppy without her jumping on you when you stop. You now have a puppy that can go from mph to 0 mph in one second flat! By keeping her paws on the floor throughout all these exercises, your puppy will not only be rewarded with treats, but she'll get the attention she craves.

Staying on the ground calmly will soon be her default position. With time and practice, the treats will no longer be necessary every single time your puppy soon-to-be larger dog! In fact, staying on the floor will become her first choice.

Adorable Puppies Jump Rope With Their Owner

Give it a try. It's a win-win for everyone. Sarah is also director of the Foster Dog Alliance, a program that assists people who foster dogs for rescues and shelters in order to make their dogs more adoptable through positive training. She finds herself constantly and happily surrounded by puppies in her numerous puppy classes for residents of the DC metro area.

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Sign Up Today! Log in here. The second will be merely unpleasant. The third will be pretty good, and on the fourth and subsequent visits, the dog will be well behaved. Yea owner! Some owners feel there are times when it is both appropriate and enjoyable for their dog to greet them by jumping-up. To avoid confusion, always herald these occasions with a suitable request, e. When returning home, first have the dog greet you in a calm, controlled stay , and then once you have closed the front door or changed into dog-jumping clothes , tell the dog to give you a hug.

Thus, the previous problem — joyful jumping — becomes the reward for not jumping-up during the initial greeting. Invite 20 friends over, ostensibly to watch a football game on the television but in reality, for a Rover-training extravaganza. Take encouragement. The first time will be the hardest, and from then on, it will be as easy as teaching a possum to play dead. Once the dog is sitting or lying on its mat, instruct Patrick to enter. The door is closed but unlocked, and so there is no need to divert attention from your dog. Continually praise your dog all the time it remains sitting on its mat.

Pat may offer a hand for your dog to sniff and a food treat for your dog to eat. Tell Pat to go and sit down in the living room, and then, instruct Rover to say hello. Characteristically, the dog will make a wild and woolly rush to the door with all the uncontrolled exuberance of before, only to calm down a mite when it realizes it is only Pat again. Since the dog is calmer, it is more easily and quickly controlled. Pat enters, gives the dog a treat and then sits down to allow the dog a cursory olfactory investigation.

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  • Puppy struggling to jump over gate is upstaged by bigger dog!

Exit Pat stage right, only to ring the doorbell again. Are you coming or going?

Rover gets it right, and so, Rover gets rewarded. Therefore Rover will be more likely to get it right in the future. Pat should leave and return a few more times for good luck, then settle down to warm up the TV and drink down some cold beers to empty cans for booby traps. Have Pat perform a total of 10 re-entries during the course of the football game. Keep the beers on the porch as an incentive for visitors to make repeated trips outdoors.

Now it is time to call Susan and repeat the entire multiple-entry program. And then with Tammy, and then Stacie, et alia, until the whole crew is assembled to watch the game on the box.

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Within just a single session of concentrated greeting some greetings with 20 people in under four hours , Rover will learn how to greet visitors at the front door, and you will learn how to control your dog, such that things will be much easier on Monday morning with real visitors from back East. Or from out West. It works just as well with visitors from all points of departure.

Why Do Dogs Jump Up?

It may be necessary to occasionally touch-up training in the future. If your dog molests any visitors, just ask them to leave and come back in again. A similar troubleshooting ploy may be designed to teach your dog how to appropriately greet strangers on the street.

Again, it is difficult to train your dog effectively during the course of everyday living, e. Domestic dogs rarely nourish puppies this way, but muzzle-licking has survived, maybe because deferential behaviors are handy for a social animal. Puppies in human households try to lick the weird, flat, usually bald body part we have instead of a muzzle. Jumping up has been rewarded.

Unfortunately, much of humanity will get busy undermining you. Or they get all disciplinarian, maybe kneeing the dog in the chest. That is not only mean but counterproductive, because dogs often respond by trying to appease. Since humans are usually taller than dogs, reaching our muzzles to lick them involves jumping up. Jump to Navigation.