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Principally, the story about Joseph has little connection with other Old Testament stories about a man who is best-known for the tale of his murderous brothers, which inspired the popular musical Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The manuscript calls Joseph - like Jesus - the son of God. At one point in the British Library manuscript, an angel-like figure marks a piece of honeycomb in blood with the sign of the cross.

The document is also preceded by a covering letter, written in the 6th century by the man who translated the document from its original Greek into Syriac. However, this interpretation has almost universally been discounted. Just two years ago, Harvard professor Karen L. And a rabbi, to this day, in order to have a congregation and a ministry, has to be married. In the first century, you reach manhood - you get married. Women do not wash rabbis or male bodies. Equally intriguingly, Jacobovici and Wilson claim there was a plot to kill Jesus by a love rival 13 years before the Crucifixion.

This rewriting of the greatest story ever told has, understandably, led the publisher to compare the book by Jacobovici and Wilson to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the ancient Biblical papyri found in caves in the West Bank which contain passages from the Old Testament. But they still have a huge amount of convincing to do - particularly to the Church of England which naturally scoffs at the claims, dismissing them as closer to popular fiction and sharing more with The Da Vinci Code than the historical records of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

Woman left in parked plane after falling sleep on flight. MultiChoice apologises for retrenchment letters to staff. Read next on IOL. Most Read on IOL. Related Articles Was Jesus married? Scrap fuels debate. Did Jesus have a wife and 2 children? Share this article with a friend Your Name:.

Friend's Name:. Friend's Email:. One explains the seventh day in a dream. Helpful guides appear and disappear. A mysterious porter brings baked potatoes to a young man bleeding from the lash of his chief who demands he carry a load on the Sabbath. In each case God provides for His own. What kind of stories do you think Mrs. White would read to you? What important lessons would she want you to learn?

How would the children in these stories be different from you and your friends today? Would they talk different play different? Like different things? Elder and Mrs. White had three children of their own. It was for these boys that Mrs. White first gathered her favorite stories and put them all in scrapbooks. When offered the pick of a litter, she was impressed to choose the ugliest.

Little did she suspect that her puppy, a giant schnauzer, was destined for glory. A natural champion, Zion would win trophy after trophy. But a still small voice beckoned her to share her gentle giant with the outcasts, the unfortunate, the wounded, where he would gladden the hearts of thousands of children. In this heartwarming story Joy Matthews tells how she discovered that God's plans are bigger than anything we can dream up.

That it pays to put first the kingdom. And that the only things we get to keep are those we give away. The great war on earth was finally over. Jesus, with vast clouds of shining angels, took all the daddies, mommies, and little children who loved Him to heaven. Now Sheldon is in a land where dreams come true. Jesus gives him a white bear cub to snuggle up against and shows him how to fly.

Sheldon's family takes him to explore other worlds with sparkling gems and delicious new fruits. And the then the fun really begins! What reason had anyone in the village to connect the disappearance of the boat, the lost horse, the widow's herring, the cork life jacket, the windowpane, the lost peat moss, the rusty clock spring, or the strange prints in the earth with McCullem's Cave? Who milked the old lady's cow and left a note for her saying, "Don't worry about Nancy this morning! Roy determined to find out. Since there seemed to be a connection of some kind with the cave, he went exploring there.

The cave was dark, and he had to crawl on his hands and knees. Trembling as he went farther in, he came upon--of all things--a door. He peered in through the crack, and there But why don't you read for yourself and find out the secret of the cave. Ann was born in Her great, great, great granddaughter, Erin, is a teenager today.

When Erin was born, grandmother Ruth wanted her to know that she was a sixth-generation Adventist, as well as a thirteenth-generation American girl whose ancestors helped to establish their country. But most of all she wanted Erin to know that her greatest heritage is that she is a child of the heavenly King and so are you. Grace was born in Her great granddaughter, Erin, is a teenager today. Her great, great granddaughter, Erin, is a teenager today. Ellen White's great-granddaughter shares her family stories of Ellen when she was growing up.

This Early Reader book year old inspires children with stories about how God helped Ellen and spoke to her as she grew up and became His prophet. Early readers will love these stories about birthday parties at Elmshaven, buggy rides with Grandma Ellen, singing in the bathtub, and Grandma Ellen's laughter at baseball games. Mabel's memories will help young people and adults know Ellen White as she really was--a loving grandmother who made religion a joy.

Number two in The Honors Club series! Alex Timmons and his friends Shane and Alicia A. But a routine search for edible plants on a Pathfinder campout turns deadly when the trio finds themselves riding a runaway pile of floating logs headed down an icy, rushing river. And worse, a killer snowstorm is coming! Earning a Pathfinder honor was never supposed to be this dangerous! A new Pathfinder mystery series! They set their sights on a squirrel in Benson Park, but capture a gun-wielding thief on film instead!

Number four in The Honors Club series! With friends Alicia and Shane in tow, Alex befriends a homeless family and puts together an ambitious plan to help the Pathfinders, the citizens of Cyprus Hill, and the struggling family at the same time. In the meantime, a trio of troublemakers is headed to their town looking for money-money that the out-of-work father owes them! Before they know it, the Honors Club trio find themselves caught between the thugs and the homeless family in a battle for an expensive antique clock and a race against time.

Number three in The Honors Club series! A beautiful vacation spot.

A secret cove. A dead dolphin. Number five in The Honors Club series! A Pathfinder mystery written with the help of real Pathfinders! After nearly being mowed down by a low-flying airplane, Jackie Anderson thinks God is trying to kill her. But then she meets Sam Fieldstone, a grumpy pilot and plane mechanic who holds on to a secret and painful past behind a locked door in his makeshift airplane hanger.

Scooby-Doo! and the Pyramids of Giza: The Phantom Pharaohs

One night Jackie looks behind the hanger door and makes a chilling discovery. During the early years of this century, Hazel "Big Enough" Weston lived in the rugged Imnaha Canyon where covered wagons were the main means of transportation. Some of Big Enough's adventures are funny, some are frightening. But behind them all lies the hope of fertile green valley to the west that may be just a pipedream. Through her everyday life and her grandmother's stories, Big Enough deals with roundups, rattlesnakes, and all the excitement of dangers of life in the old west.

Kids will enjoy reading about Nibbles and his adventures with Jean and Allen as they learn to trust that God will take care of them in every situation. Packy, the Runaway Elephant A baby elephant escapes from the zoo and goes looking for a little girl named Eloise. Packy's day of fun upsets the neighborhood but will keep your children laughing.

Pokey, the Runaway Bear A young Himalayan bear escapes from the Fleishhacker zoo in San Francisco and runs into exciting adventures and dismal troubles. Children will love listening to this true story again and again. What she did and where she went is a story filled with laughter and thrills. These colorful, hard-cover classics have captivated generations of children with the artwork of Joe Maniscalco, Robert T. Ayres, and Clyde Provonsha. Imagine yourself being tucked away for a late-night crocodile snack!

How about falling into a bear trap--with the bear still in it? Or better yet, you and a shovel against an injured and upset panther at night? These incredible stories are all true and come from the archives of Guide magazine. They will put you face to face with amazing creatures and the true love of a God who created them and cares for you. Imagine how it must have felt to be forgiven after burning down a house or for your enemy to save you from certain death. Or even to be a convict saved from the death penalty—because your brother volunteered to die for you.

This was our assignment: find incredible, true mystery stories. Filled with suspense and excitement, these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat—eager to find out how the mysteries are solved. Here are the true stories of some astonishing narrow escapes that definitely involved help from Heaven. How else could we explain these stories of survival? Just imagine being held at gunpoint by two drunk men! What about a car stuck on railroad tracks—with a train fast approaching! And just wait until you read about a frightening visit to a fortuneteller, a raging bull running straight toward a girl, and scuba divers trapped under a sheet of ice.

See a Problem?

What if you asked God to find you a telephone—and He sends a hairy baby elephant? How about a lazy old dog? Falling into a bear trap—on top of the bear. Being chased by a hungry crocodile. Tumbling headfirst into a barrelful of icy water. Stepping on a snake in the dark. Plunging feet down a inch pipe. Living with four family members for two and a half years in a trench five feet wide, seven feet long, and just 20 inches deep. These stories will remind you that even in the worst situations, we can depend on God for help.

Soon the cobblestone avenues fill with hostages, for the enemy knows all the likely places where people will hide. And soon dozens of Jews are led to the city square inside the East Gate in preparation for their march to Babylon. The prophet Jeremiah watches from atop the northeast corner of the Temple walls, overlooking the gathering area. He knows that many of these captives are the most promising young men of the city, who will now languish in a Babylonian dungeon or slave away their lives in some sweatshop.

He spots his beloved friend Daniel, the prince—his unusual intelligence, his striking good looks, and his fearless devotion to his Creator would have been such a blessing to Judah! Such an injustice! Flushed with victory, the young Babylonian prince surveyed the battleground where his army had defeated the Egyptians. In the distance a division of elite soldiers rapidly pursued the fleeing survivors. Egypt was only one of the nations to be conquered; before long Lebanon, Phoenicia, Syria, and Judah would feel the edge of Babylonian swords.

Soon he, Nebuchadnezzar, would be king, and all the world would pay homage to him. Little did Nebuchadnezzar know that he had been chosen by God to bring retribution to the nations of the world for their sins. He had transformed the beautiful Temple into a pagan shrine, and had even sacrificed his infant son in the fire pit of Milcom. All to prove to the Assyrian king that he gave no allegiance to Yaweh.

Then he anointed the young Hezekiah to rule Judah in his stead. In the face of seemingly inescapable defeat at the hands of Sennacherib, perhaps the most powerful—and the most cruel--of all the Assyrian kings, he clung to the promise that God would deliver Jerusalem. Hezekiah made mistakes. He had tragic failures, yet his life shows the heights and depths we all face—and how God can lead us through both. The gates of Babylon would be opened, and His people would be free.

Babylon was immersed in political turmoil. A series of ill-fated kings had fought for possession of the throne. Finally Nabonidus, the son-in-law of Nebuchadnezzar, had been crowned king, but he soon deserted his throne to conquer Arabia and left his wicked son, Belshazzar, to rule in his place. One fateful night the great Medo-Persian army marched on Babylon and forever altered the course of history. But no one could have dreamed that his own grandson would be the cause. He could hardly wait to go to the Pathfinder Camporee.

What fun he would have! Or so he thought. Peter Paul discovers that one can be punished for good deeds—not that all of his deeds were good. And sometimes his creative mayhem surpassed his own expectations. Finally, someone has written down what it was like. Jenny Thomas is mad! Mad at her dad for moving from Northern Virginia. Mad at Daniel for not helping rescue Sunny and her colt, Fury, from his aunt s abuse. Mad at Mrs. DuBois for hurting the horses; and mad at herself for leading Mrs. DuBois to Sunny in the first place.

A week on famous horse trainer Colton Wright s ranch produces amazing changes in the badly frightened Palomino and her colt. Colton s gentle methods work wonders. But Jenny s anger boils like white-hot lava in her stomach whenever she thinks of the people who hurt her. Can Jenny trust God to forgive and be free? A record-breaking jump, Sunny s reputation, and Jenny s relationship with God are all at stake when Jenny and her Palomino champion come face to face with their old enemy. Sunny nearly dies giving birth to Morning Glory — her beautiful Palomino foal.

Jenny suspects that her old enemy, Vanessa DuBois, is to blame and decides to take her horses home to Sonrise Farm early before something awful happens. After narrowly escaping a head-on collision with a familiar blue Mercedes, a freak tornado uproots a tree right in front of them and causes a terrible crash. The driver of the Mercedes is badly hurt in the same collision and might die. Jenny can help, but what will she do when she discovers that the driver is.

Jenny Thomas has her heart set on one thing - a golden palomino all her own. Her daring rescue of an abused horse at an auction begins an enduring friendship with Sunny. Come meet Jenny Thomas and her courageous Palomino mare Sunny. Their inspirational adventures are based on true stories, and are sure to inspire horse lovers of all ages.

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Beautifully written by Katy Pistole, this first volume in the Sonrise Farm series, finds Jenny working at Sonrise Farms where her faith and her horsemanship skills are put to the test. After five years without rain, times were hard for the folks living alongside the Little Missouri River in western North Dakota. While there was always hope that things would improve soon, for the Steiner family, things were about to become even more difficult. A devastating accident and the never-ending struggle with poverty forced Julia to grow up quickly and taught her to trust God.

In spite of the trials, the kindnesses of neighbors and friends shone through when they were needed the most. Julia is the story of a young girl who learns to face courageously the overwhelming challenges of each new day, while she is strengthened through the blessings of God's providence. A grand expedition to Albuquerque promises to be a great adventure for the Reynolds family.

When Dad announces a surprise vacation, Cari and Andy can hardly wait to find new secrets while exploring forests, mountains, deserts, and canyons. Join them as they discover all kinds of exciting things about nature and its Creator. So grab your binoculars and hiking boots. An adventure awaits you in Secrets of the Canyon. Having explored the forest and the canyon, Cari and Andy Reynolds are off on another exciting adventure to the fascinating world of water. In the process, they encounter creatures great and small that go slurp, gurgle, and swish: walking catfish, frogs, turtles, oysters, herons, cormorants, pelicans, puffins, grunions, pigfish, seals, walruses, sea otters, octopuses, starfish, loons, porpoises, dolphins, gulls, whales, sea anemones, sea urchins, jellyfish, crabs, limpets, and many other living things.

But all the while they are learning lessons about Jesus. Who Was Ellen White really? It would not be the last time angelic visitors would come to Ellen's aid. Who was Ellen White, really? Fearless defender of the Advent faith? Prolific writer? She was all these things. But that's where most of our knowledge stops. In Ellen White: Friend of Angels, author and historian Paul Ricchiuti presents Ellen White as a real human being-one who got sick, had pain, cried, laughed, and had close friends and bitter enemies.

Yet she was loving, kind, thoughtful, and dedicated to her work. Instead of concentrating on what Ellen White did, Ricchiuti seeks to show us who she was. In spite of fragile health, the death of James and two sons, and countless other trials, this woman of God remained faithful to her calling and blazed a trail of truth that millions still follow today.

What do you see when you close your eyes? Does it have flowers? Do you smell the ocean? Let's learn to play make believe! Can you see where God lives? This books takes the reader from imagining to listening for God, and then to inviting Jesus into your heart. Can you imagine heaven? That is where you will find God. And this is to make-believe. The Christian theme of this book sneaks up on you, but is not aggressive. In fact, the transition from make-believe ton on-believe does not help its premise of believing in God.

The illustrations in the book are representational o those of the s, and are supportive of the text. Back in print and still as good as ever! Perfect for preschoolers and those young at heart. Illustrated by Howard Larkin and written by beloved children's author Paul Ricchiuti, each book of the four book series captures a different theme in God's love for all of us.

Told by a child to a child, it gives glory to Jesus and everything He has made for us. He is truly our "Best Friend"! The day Elizabeth dreads has finally come. It is and the Mayes family is moving away to far-off California. And the saddest part for Elizabeth is leaving behind her best friend, Alice. As the Saratoga Express chugs into town, the family boards for the first part of their long, dangerous journey. In Albany they book their passage on the Legacy and sail down the Erie Canal. The trip is tedious, and the 57 locks they have to pass through frighten Elizabeth.

The sights, sounds, and smells of the waterfront are everywhere. Happily, the Mayeses meet another family on the boat who believe in the Sabbath truth. Events on the barge take a terrifying turn when a freak accident strikes Benji, and Elizabeth desperately tries to rescue her brother. It will take a miracle to save them! Soon, guests will come to stay at the three-story boarding house on Maple Avenue where Elizabeth Ann "Patty-cake" Mayes lives. That means lots of work for the whole family--even nine-year-old Elizabeth.

One day, two mystery guests from Maine arrive at the Mayes house. And they are on a mission. The woman, Mrs. White, has visions from God! She likes to share her stories. Elizabeth is thrilled to hear about heaven, where she will see Jesus and even have wings to fly! It all seems very mysterious, at first. As the "secret" comes out and the mission unfolds, big changes happen in Elizabeth's family. Decisions are being made that could change their whole future forever.

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Elizabeth and her family begin the longest, most perilous part of their amazing westward adventure! Their faith and endurance is stretched to the limit as they face heat and hunger by day, and howling coyotes by night on their journey to California in a covered wagon. On the trail the kids are eager to see a real, live Indian village. They do get their wish, but soon wish they hadn't! Captivated by Elizabeth's blue eyes and golden curls, the Indian children surround a very scared girl, and the chief's young son has his own plans for her future.

On and on they wearily trudge, until one final, towering snow-capped peak remains. Will they make it? When will the new baby be born? What awaits them on the other side of the mountain? As you see how God took care of an Adventist girl named Elizabeth, you can know that He'll take care of you, too. Suddenly, something red hurtled right at Susan.

It hit her mask and hung on. She struggled to her feet, screaming to her brother and jumping about. Get it off! Susan is trying to discover her individual talents, interests, and spiritual gifts. Until recently, the twins had always done everything together. But now Eric is going in a new direction—following his passion for underwater photography. Working with Mr. Wood at the Scripps Institute, Eric has been busy sorting, identifying, and enhancing the underwater photos he took on the previous trip to Eleuthera Island.

Susan wishes she had something that could make her feel as excited as Eric seems to be. She will have to find her own consuming passion. But what will it be? When Aunt Sally is asked to conduct a reef study on the remote island of Eleuthera, Bahamas, she invites the twins to join her. Susan is excited. Eric, her twin brother, must overcome his fears of the deep and learn to trust God to take care of him. Will Eric and Susan be able to meet the challenges on Eleuthera? Will a new friend help Eric overcome his fear?

Jump into the sea with the twins and their new family. Discover new lessons from nature and the Bible. Discover how Spotted Eagle Rays help Eric overcome his fear of the deep. Learn what happens when Susan and Aunt Sally encounter a shark in the fish pond channel.

When you finish this book, you will know what Seventh-day Adventists believe. More important, you will know that God has a plan for this world—and a plan for you, too. And that will make you happy! Rather, they are promises. The Teaching Tips at the end of each chapter will assist teachers, parents, or caregivers to help children recognize that God is love and that His law shows how much He loves us and always wants the best for us. A collection of short stories written to help children deal with problems and make good decisions.

A skunk can't spray you if you pick it up by the tail. Or can it? If you like stories full of adventure, danger, mystery, and fun, you'll love A Skunk by the Tail. Besides stories about baseball, bears, family vacations, and other stuff, you'll get to see how other kids handled some of the things you have to deal with. Things like being teased, bullies at school, making good choices, arguing with your parents or brothers and sisters, and making friends.

In each book, the stories and pictures will make you jump back, laugh out loud, and keep you guessing what will happen next! While on vacation at a ranch, the Shoebox Kids investigate the mysterious disappearances of DeeDee's dog Zack, meet an Indian girl, and share their joy in Jesus with the cowboy Shorty. Includes stories about cheating, surviving with divorced parents, being home alone, drugs, and growing up. Book 1 of 10 Ten-year-old Zack travels across the United States searching for scientific clues that provide evidence of the Biblical Flood.

Book 2 of 10 Detective Zack is back! Living in goat-haired tents and riding knobby-kneed camels, Zack and his dad attempt to solve new mysteries while helping Dr. Doone film a video about archeology and famous people of the Bible. But it gets even better when Zack meets Achmed, the son of their Middle Eastern guide. The two boys become fast friends as they camp along the shores of the Dead Sea, dodge deadly snakes, and ride camel taxis along the same desert highways that the Old Testament heroes traveled thousands of years before.

But even as evidence to support the Bible stories grows, so do the questions. Who built the Sphinx? Did fire really fall from heaven and destroy Sodom? And what about the man with the red hat? Book 3 of 10 Zack's trip to the Middle East has taken a mysterious turn. Ever since the man in the red hat joined their tour group, someone keeps trying to steal their video-camera bag. From Mount Sinai to Jericho, and from the valley where David fought Goliath to the pool of Gibeon, Zack, his new friend Stephanie, and Achmed try to keep one step ahead of a thief while gathering more clued to prove that the Bible stories are true.

Who stole the car and the bag with Zack's clothes? Why does the man with the red hat always disappear when something turns up missing?

The trap Zack sets to catch the thief might just work. Who is taking the horses out of the corral at night, and why? The lists of suspects is growing longer every day. Or could it be Mr. Morgan, the cranky old camp cook whose behavior is anything but normal? And why does Dave, the counselor, keep telling the boys to be patient? Everything is not what it seems at this summer camp. Book 5 of 10 Take a church Christmas program, and outdoor Nativity scene, real barking, mooing, bleating animals including a camel! It all started when Mrs. Hopkins warned that disaster was certain if the program were to e held outdoors.

Truer words were never spoken! The fire nearly destroyed the stable, and Mrs. Hopkins's year-old manger from Bethlehem was missing! As Detective Zack and his friend Luke hunt for the culprit, they begin finding evidence for the even greater mystery-Santa Claus. Where did he come from, and what do trees, stocking, and presents have to do with the birth of Jesus?

The trail of clues takes Zack and company on a "wild lamb" chase that eventually leads them to the villain and the true meaning of Christmas. But first, he has to find out who is stealing from everyone in the camp. Things are really heating up in Dinosaur Camp. Could a living dinosaur be at the bottom of all the strange things happening in Dinosaur National Monument? Bones, a paleontologist who believes in God, will help Zack and his friends discover the amazing truth about dinosaurs Book 7 of 10 The adventure series for kids that builds faith in the Bible continues with Zack right in the middle of trouble.

If the Bible is true, prayers should always be answered, right? Mysterious noises and escaped prisoners lead Zack and his cousin into a mystery that can only be solved in the middle of a hurricane! Book 8 of 10 The adventure series for kids that builds faith in the Bible, this book is sure to be a read that kids can't put down. When Zack goes to the county fair, he finds himself up to his hat in a mystery that leads to a discovery of truth--this time, the truth about angels.

Book 9 of 10 While searching in a London museum for answers about the origins of the Bible, Zack and his friend Stefanie get caught up in mysterious happenings at the old manor. Book 10 of 10 While visiting his aunt and uncle who live in an old castle in Scotland, Zack and his friend Stefanie investigate some mysterious happenings related to the castle's legendary treasure and, at the same time, Zack continues to investigate whether his English translation of the Bible can be trusted.

What would you do if a river was flooding into your house and you were home alone with your baby sister? While reading the stories in this book — or hearing them read — kids will learn about setting boundaries, about keeping promised, and about being safe from strangers. This book will not only entertain kids — it will reinforce some of the most important things they are learning as they grow up and become healthy adults. Angry at the owner of a dog who has chased her cat away, Jenny tries to track down her missing pet and, with the help of praying to Jesus, learns about forgiveness.

Who was Charles Perkins? And what did the inscription on his gravestone mean? A secret that changes Chris as well. A three-day rafting trip down the Rattlesnake River has the Shoebox Kids trying to keep Chris and Maria talking to each other while protecting a big secret. In the meantime, they hear the legend of Bonzo the bear, meet the mysterious mountain "man" who was watching them from the shadows, and learn about holding grudges and the power of forgiveness. As Sammy, Jenny, Willie, DeeDee, Chris and Maria the "Shoebox" kids meet at church, they find that their Bible stories have a strange way of fitting into the things that happen to them every day!

Each week brings a new adventure in learning what the Bible means in real life-at home, at school, or on the playground. Questions at the end of each chapter make sharing Bible lessons interesting and fun! The third book in the Shoebox Kids Bible Stories series is the best yet! Each week brings Sammy, Jenny, Willie, DeeDee, Chris and Maria a new adventure in learning what the Bible means in real life-at home, at school, or on the playground. Each of the books in this exciting series does more than just give children information about the Bible—it shows them how to apply that information to everyday life.

Teaching our children means going beyond information and entertainment to helping them learn to apply Bible truths. Too many of us grew up learning about the Bible, but not getting to know God. We can help the children we love by showing them not just what the Bible says, but what differences it makes in the way we live and love others. Elijah makes fun of the prophets of Baal and then calls fire down from heaven.

A fiery chariot swoops Elijah up to heaven. And the Shoebox Kids--Sammy, Jenny, Willie, DeeDee, Chris and Maria—are having adventures of their own while learning what the Bible means in real life-at home, at school, or on the playground. Chris finds trouble with dangerous cartoons Saul ; a hamster named Herman gets loose in the house The Widow of Zarephath ; and Dee Dee stands for right on the swings Elijah on Mt. A baby king is hidden in the temple from wicked Queen Athaliah.

Jonah, the prophet, takes a wild ride in the belly of a fish. Daniel spends a night with hungry lions, and Satan puts Job to a terrible test. And, as usual, the "Shoebox" kids--Sammy, Jenny, Willie, DeeDee, Chris and Maria—are having adventures of their own that show what the Bible means in real life-at home, at school, or on the playground. As Sammy helps a family whose house burns down, DeeDee locks herself and her mom out of their new car, and Chris dives underwater to save Yoyo from drowning, the lessons from the Bible stories become even clearer.

And each chapter has questions at the end so families can talk and learn together. Do you want the children in your life to understand what it means to be a Christian? Favorite children's author Jerry D. Thomas has written this new book to help kids take their first steps in Christian discipleship. Each of the 30 chapters in this book is based on a principle drawn from Steps to Christ by Ellen White.

In the back of the book is a collection of quotes from Steps to Christ that form the steps or basic teachings of each chapter. Sheffield Matheson, Mill Valley's most famous artist, painted twelve pictures of children. But when he died long ago in a mysterious fire, one painting disappeared. When Sammy and Jenny see the Broken Dozen paintings at the Mill Valley art museum, Sammy begins to wonder: What if the missing painting wasn't burned in the fire?

What if we can find it? This time, the clues lead Sammy and his friends to one of the oldest houses in town-and to mean old Mrs. She chases kids with her cane, throws water on them from her porch-she even has an attack cat! But when a lesson in the Shoebox teaches them that helping others is like helping Jesus, Sammy and Jenny decide to help Mrs.

Sheckly, and that leads to a big surprise. Can the Shoebox Kids solve a mystery the police could never figure out? Only Volume 5. Something strange is going on at Willie Teller's house. A mystery person is sending him coded messages on his computer-could it really be God? His missing library book miraculously shows up, and Coco, his dog disappears! How could all this happen in just two days? It all started like this.

Willie and his friends from the Shoebox always have their nose in some kind of adventure. When Willie gets a new modem for his computer, the adventure begins for the Shoebox kids in this perfect clue-finding mission that will reveal the truth about the disappearance and about prayer. But watch out! Who knows when and where the mystery person may show up! Decode the secret message below, and you'll be on your way to solving this important case with Willie and his Shoebox friends.

The Cat in the Cage and Other Great Stories for Kids is an exciting collection of stories packed full of adventure for you to read by yourself or with your family. These brand-new stories are funny, exciting, and full of good ways to handle the problems that every kid has. Kids—you'll love reading stories like the one pictured on this book, "The Cat in the Cage.

Parents—while your children are reading these entertaining stories, they're also learning about developing self-esteem, dealing with fear, making choices, living in blended families, and many other issues. The stories in this book help your child build a Christian character that will last a lifetime. A three-day rafting trip down the Rattlesnake River becomes the arena for a fight between Maria and her brother Chris. Maria is sure Chris has told their dad something that will get her in big trouble when she gets home.

But what is it? And why do all the other Shoebox Kids seem to be in on it? The Rattlesnake River Adventure finds the Shoebox Kids trying to keep Chris and Maria talking to each other while protecting a big secret. In the meantime, they hear the legend of Bonzo the bear, meet the mysterious "mountain man "who was watching them from the shadows, and learn about holding grudges and the power of forgiveness. What can we use? What would you use to make a raccoon alarm? If you like stories full of adventure, surprise, mystery, and fun, you'll love The Midnight Raccoon Alarm.

Besides stories about camping, purple cows, a school play, and other stuff, you'll get to see how other kids handled some of the things you have to deal with. Things like being afraid, making good decisions, and dealing with bad language. Hidden in a dark and cobweb-filled corner of the basement is Great-grandpa Archer's old safe. Chris and Maria are sure it is filled with money and perhaps gold. But little do they know what really is inside. The Shoebox Kids jump into action as a new mystery prompts them to search for the true identity of the person who donated the big white cross on the hill.

Chris and Maria have a feeling they know who the mystery person is, but they need to prove it first. Chris and Maria start collecting old photos of their great-grandpa, but something in each one seems odd. If only they could find the missing combination to the safe so they could unlock the secret inside. Meanwhile, Chris starts feeling jealous about his best friend Ryan's sudden popularity with the rest of the gang after he rescues Willie from disaster.

Can Chris solve the missing combination mystery and save his friendship with Ryan at the same time?

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The treasure map was all Chris and Ryan could think about. It led straight to the loot the train robbers of Snake Creek pass had hidden. Now, Chris and Ryan had the map! They also had a problem: the mysterious writing on the map! Old newspaper articles about the great train robbery lead the Shoebox Kids on a wild chase to find clues about the buried treasure. As they carefully study the map, Chris searches for an answer to his own questions about baptism and treasures in heaven. Will the Shoebox Kids find the treasure of find themselves in great danger?

With old plastic butter tubs and a bag of electronic parts, Willie, Chris, and Sammy build secret code transmitters. Before long, they're sending Morse Code messages no one else understands! Then, while driving on an old road through the mountains - Willie and his grandpa are swept away by a rockslide!

With the car smashed into a tree at the bottom of a canyon, and Grandpa's leg caught in the car door - they're trapped. And no one knows where they are! When Willie doesn't make it home, the search begins. But no one knows that the car is down in the canyon! Can Willie trust Jesus to help them, even when it seems like they'll never be found? Join the Shoebox Kids in another exciting adventure that teaches us about trusting in God. Will Chris and Sammy figure out what happened to Willie before it's too late?

Curse of the Pharaohs

When the softball flew through Mr. Chambers' open kitchen window, the Shoebox Kids were afraid they were in for trouble. Everyone knew that Mr. Chambers was a mean old man. But what should they do? Even as they planned to get back their ball, a mystery was brewing. Sammy discovered the first clues when he peered around Mr. Chambers' kitchen during the rescue mission. Something just wasn't right. First, there was the mismatched wallpaper and an oddly placed hutch along the back wall. Then he remembered a small, round window that he could see from outside the house but not from the inside.

This adventure finds the Shoebox Kids solving a mystery that's over one hundred years old. During their search for clues, they discover friendship in unexpected places, learn to accept people's differences, and are reminded about the amazing power of prayer. When Maria is invited to be in her aunt's wedding, she can't wait for that "perfect" day when everything will happen just the way she plans. Then everything starts to go wrong. First, Maria's special dress is short--and all the other bridesmaids' dresses are long. She just knows she can't wear it and mess up her aunt's perfect wedding.

Besides, what if her friends laugh at her different dress? In this Shoebox Kids Mystery, Maria learns about commitment, about keeping a promise even if you don't feel like it. Between her dress problem, her brother Chris's teasing, and her little sister Yoyo's help, sometimes she doesn't feel like it at all. The day of the wedding, something even worse happens--her special dress disappears!

Could it be another one of Chris's jokes? Or was it stolen by the mysterious stranger with the diaper bag? With the wedding starting in just minutes, Maria, Jenny, Chris, and Sammy have to find the answers--and find that dress! Our statement of fundamental beliefs can be confusing to a kid. Big words from fundamental belief 11 include "triumphed," "subjugated," and "communing. Thomas, you can share your beliefs using kid-friendly words even small children can understand. A story for each belief teaches the main concept. Suggested activities can be used to reinforce each chapter.

With full-color illustrations throughout, this will be a book your kids will treasure. Here's core belief 11 - Growing in Jesus - in kid language: "Because Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, we can defeat him also. By depending on the Holy Spirit, we can grow to be more like Jesus every day. Max gets things mixed up. Socks, shoes, and even Bible stories.

But somehow he finds a way to get to the truth. A delightful picture book for early readers that helps kids deal with their fears when scary things happen. A lonely girl develops an unusual friendship with a calf that later becomes a prize-winning milk cow. If you want a more exhilarating, personal and passionate prayer life, Passionate Prayer Promises is the resource you've been waiting for.

You'll find over one hundred topics with prayers claiming Bible promises; and after each prayer, additional Bible texts and promises listed for easy Bible study. Wheeler has gathered together one of the most powerful collections of wild animal stories ever bound between two covers. This book is a winner for animal lovers of all types. The cover story by Floyd Bralliar features Dick, an unusual black bear that loves to hold cats, pigs, and human babies in a most motherly way.

This collection of outstanding stories features a wide variety of animal protagonists, including bears, rabbits, raccoons, moose, elephants, buffaloes, blacksnakes, razorbacks, coyotes, even barn swallows and a peacock. Perfect for the whole family! If the capricious, aloof, mysterious, and graceful feline is your cup of tea, you will be puuurfectly delighted with these dramatic and hilarious tales of cats and those who love them.

Wheeler's readers are never disappointed with his ability to collect the most memorable and heart-tugging stories. Here's one more collection that will evoke laughter, tears, wonder, and an insatiable thirst for more! With the help of his pet parrot, Mitch makes some important discoveries about friendship, responsibility, and love. When Chris adopts an abandoned baby raccoon, he finds out how much fun-and how much trouble-a raccoon can be. From a tiny baby whose eyes aren't open, to a busy and curious raccoon whose eyes never seem to close, Chris's pet keeps the whole family busy.

When the growly man offered to pay Todd with a Siamese kitten for shoveling snow, Todd pictured himself the proud owner of a sleek, graceful pet. Now, as he looked down at the scruffy runt in his hands, he wasn't so sure what he was getting into. Wrapped in the loving care of Todd and his family, the scrawny kitten wasted no time transforming into the beautiful, rambunctious Thor the "thunder" cat. Soon Thor became famous for his misadventures-stealing cookies from the cupboard, stowing away on camping trips, and adopting a field mouse as a pet.

But one day, Thor's luck changes when he is run over by a pickup truck. That's when Todd learns the wonderful truth about prayer and God's love for all of His precious creatures. Thor, the Thunder Cat, by beloved storyteller Veralee Wiggins, is a children's tale of faith, friendship, and the rewards of unselfish love. Who slept on Sara's bed every night? Who stole Derek's shoes? Who adopted a baby kitten? Who stole two chickens and herded them into the backyard? Only one pet could be this much and cause this many problems-Tina the Red fox!

From the day she came to Sara's house as an orphan, Tina showed Sara and her brother how to laugh, how to love, and how to enjoy the beautiful animals God created. If you like stories about animals-especially animals that are always getting into mischief-you'll love Tina the Red Fox. A savage storm struck the farm.

The lightning flashed and the thunder roared in the most terrifying way. At the height of the storm, lightning struck a big, old, dead tree on the hill near the cow stalls.