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Join the conversation CTV News ctvnews. CTV News. Follow CTV News. China asks for suspension of Canadian meat exports. Houston infant dies with plus fractures; parents charged. Mother of Alberta boy who died of meningitis breaks down testifying at trial. We immediately recognized evidence of pileated woodpecker activity on the tree. The birds would have been looking for insects and larvae in the layers below the bark.

As we looked at the dead tree, David mentioned something then that changed my perspective of the woods altogether. He explained that some trees might appear to be dead, but unseen parts of it - perhaps the root system - might still be taking nutrients from the earth. But I digress. We left the perhaps-dead tree and traveled farther down the trail, spotting several instances of brave mice tracks in the snow.

Before long, though, we spotted the tracks of something significantly larger.

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Something in the weasel family, Elizabeth said. From the amount of snow it had packed down and the size of the holes, it was an animal that is the size of a fisher. Here was the mystery - was it truly a fisher? We decided to follow the tracks to see if we could view a clear paw print - the powdery snow was obscuring a good one where we first encountered the tracks.

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I learned that though they are capable of taking a cat, they would more likely find plenty of wild prey here in the woods. David mentioned that fishers are the only predators of porcupines, as they can easily and quickly kill them via their underbelly, avoiding the quills. In addition, David would regret mentioning that they will climb trees and jump down on their prey. We decided to follow the tracks through the woods to investigate. It would have been fitting, to me, if we were wearing Sherlock Holmes hats or maybe carrying a magnifying glass as we continued on through the deep powder, staying just to the side of the tracks we were following, over trees and frozen swamps along the way.

Elizabeth pointed out spots where the fisher had rubbed on a tree or root. They have glands all over their bodies, and they mark these spots to notify the opposite sex that they are available, or sometimes to mark their territory. We stopped at one point where the fisher had obviously slid down a rock in an otter-like fashion.


Finally, we found at the base of a tree not only some scat, or droppings where the fisher had stopped to mark but some great tracks. I took a picture of them next to my hand. Then I looked quickly up into the high branches of the tree above me. All clear.

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At around this point, Walt, otherwise fairly quiet, asked if our naturalists had ever visited a website that keeps track of Bigfoot sightings. Neither had.

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On the way, David spied claw marks where a black bear had climbed a tree get to the top branches. Bears, of course, do have Big Feet. The grouse entered the deep snow for shelter, and created the hole and accompanying wing marks in the snow when it emerged. Since the snow was so new, this must have been a recent rest stop for the bird. Moving on, we stopped for snacks, then decided to try our luck in finding tracks further down the trail. Before we got too far, Elizabeth spotted a small tree with marks on it - its bark was scraped by deer's antlers.

It's called a "deer rub", which typically appear in the late summer or early fall when male deer rub the velvet off their newly acquired antler growth or during rut season. We were tromping along more easily on the packed trail, and downhill, but despite our speed, we did spy one more track. We returned to our cars, full of knowledge and exhilarated from the exercise.

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