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You do NOT have to give-up your dream school. You can avoid admission rejection due to a mediocre test score. You don't have to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over your working life-time due to not having the advanced degree you need. You don't have to settle for an embarrassing, low hung school that could tarnish your child's future educational opportunities. What Else Do You Get? Even More Benefits? Cut free the sub-conscious bonds that hold you back from test success. How to break through test taking obstacles by exposing this test's vulnerable, soft underbelly.

How to win in the psychological battle before walking into your exam to immediately raise your exam score. Controversial tactics that expose 'how to rip through your exam like a test taking green beret. Crank-up your score overnight.

Pass the DET: Diagnostic Entrance Test Study Guide and Practice Test Questions

You know there's a lot of competition to gain admission to a good school. Don't drag yourself through the ringer with endless applications only to wonder why you got rejected again… Get private tips confessed by 7 Catholic High School admission officers. Revealed: How hundreds of admission applications are scrutinized and psycho-analyzed to choose which person to accept. You'll see it yourself when you get it now. Developers of these COOP practice tests. Please Note: If you found this sold-out when you tried ordering, please contact us to be on the waiting list for a future month.

Instant Online Access. You can rest assured that we maintain all of the BBB Standards for Trust Because the tests are web-based, there is no software to install. Our practice tests are available to you hours a day. No matter where you are, you can take our practice tests on any computer with access to the internet.

If you need additional help, we offer specialized tutoring. Our tutors are highly qualified.

At examedge. We have a team of professional writers that create the questions based on the official test breakdown by topic. We are continually updating our exams to keep them in sync with the most current version of the actual certification exam. I used exam edge to study for the Cooperative Admissions Examination certification exam. After having previously taken the test twice and not passed I found the study material and practice test to be extremely helpful. It was the most realistic practice tests I have ever taken and fully prepared me for the type of questions I would see on the test.

I would recommend exam edge anyone who needs to take these tests. It was a great value for the money that I spent and I even have extra time left when I was taking the test. There are many different ways to study for the big test, but using every strategy in the book can lead to confusion. Preparing for your COOP certification exam does not need to be like throwing darts at the wall blindfolded.

Let Exam Edge guide you through the study process. Our industry-leading approach simplifies the process of getting you prepared to pass your exam. Combine the study skills you've picked up over your lifetime and add in our helpful certification practice tests and you've got a combination that can't be beat. One of the most difficult aspects of standardized testing is time management. Even with a watch on your wrist, getting into a rhythm of answering questions on a limited time basis can be incredibly difficult.

COOP Test Preparation

Allow Exam Edge to help. Just like the real certification exam, our prep tests are timed. However, one advantage of our practice exams is that you can pause the test and come back to it later. It will resume at the same point where you left off, and with the correct amount of time remaining. This will help you to build up your stamina and speed as you gain familiarity with the test format. It's just one of the many advantages of studying using COOP test prep questions! After you complete one of our practice tests, we'll let you know how many questions you answered correctly.

We will also estimate the score you would be close to on the actual exam, so you'll know how much more practice you need. These test results can help you create a comprehensive study guide that focuses on your weak areas. Practice tests online offer this unique insight in ways other forms of studying cannot. As helpful as your notes might be, when was the last time your scribbles directed you to the exact problem areas in which you need extra help? Bring your study strategies into the 21st century with Cooperative Admissions Examination prep from Exam Edge. Our unique exam practice test environment is the closest thing you will find to the actual test, with one exception: We tell you when you're right and when you're wrong, and most importantly we explain why!

Our tests provide you with step-by-step explanations in an easy to understand format. Imagine how much more thorough your notes will be after reviewing your answers with Exam Edge! We realize that everyone likes to study differently, so we give you three different ways to take your exams:. Timed - Timed tests are just like the actual certification exam.

They help you feel the pressure of completing the exam in a strict timeframe. The system defaults the test time to the same time limit per question as the actual exam.

COOP Test Prep | Huntington Learning Center

This is a great method of practicing your timing, especially if you're concerned about having enough time to complete the test. No Time Limit - With this option, you can sit back, take your time and really think about the question before answering. This rush-free option is recommended for those just dipping their toes into studying. It's a great way to test your knowledge and highlight blind spots you'll need to come back to in your studies - one of the many advantages of taking International practice exams! Explanation - Not sure where to even begin with your studying?

Preparation for the Co-op Hiring Process

Try a practice test in explanation mode. The questions act as a study guide, giving you the option to see the answers as you take the test. Study guide mode is an effective way to review the test subject matter before you take the exam in a timed format. Taking notes on explanation mode is truly the best method of beginning test prep. Remember, standardized tests are not simply an examination of your knowledge of the subject matter. They are also testing your ability to perform well under pressure. It's easy to psych yourself out about this aspect of the exam.

All the studying in the world can't prepare you for what it will be like to actually sit for the test. Get the test-taking experience you need to perform well under pressure. By taking exam practice tests through Exam Edge, you'll gain the confidence necessary to stay calm on the day of the real test.

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There's a lot riding on the results of your test, especially if it's the only thing standing between you and a certification. No matter how confident you might feel about the exam, practice exams can give you that extra competitive edge to feel as confident as possible on test day.

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  • Take our certification practice tests and walk into the actual test with your head held high! This is where you will start your exam. You will need to choose an exam mode and then click on "Start Test Button. This is the page you will use to answer your questions.

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    The header on the page contains information about the exam and the ability to navigate through the exam. To answer a question select the correct answer and then click the "Next" button in the top right corner.. On the question page, you can "Mark" questions for review by clicking on the check box in the header. Also, you can jump to any question in the exam by using the dropdown; Click on "Review" to see a summary of where you are in the exam. The Review summary page shows you a summary of the exam you just completed.

    You can see your exam score in the middle of the page, and you can see if you got a question correct, incorrect or did not answer the question. You can filter the list by the results to only see the questions you want too, for example only see the questions you got wrong so that you can review them. This is the question review page; here you can see how you answered the question, as well as the correct answer.

    You also see a detailed explanation of the correct answer so you will understand the answer to the question.