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Ok, this is an unlikely scenario, but there are likely people in your network who can serve as brand advocates for your cause. Finding the right champion can result in substantial donations with little to no money spent. Tap into your inner circle, and get the most influential people you know devoted to your cause. Plus, studies continue to prove that email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics in the book. While some people would rather be trampled by a donkey than do public speaking, the majority can do it without having a panic attack.

As a non-profit marketer, your work is tied to something incredibly powerful and that you feel passionate about — so what better way to express it? She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking.

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Home Blog. Marketing for a Good Cause: 7 Strategies for Nonprofits. Donors and prospects are searching for meaning; they want to get involved in something much bigger than themselves. Every organization, no matter how small, is capable of casting a big vision and capturing the attention of donors, volunteers, and other supporters. Your nonprofit may only be working in one small corner of one small town, but for the people you serve, your work is life-changing.

When telling your nonprofit story, show people the lives you have changed , the outcomes you have achieved, and the work that would be possible if you had more resources at your disposal.

Overcome the challenges

Just like any good story, frame yours to have its cast of characters, including the hero and the villain. The villain is the social problem you are addressing, be it sickness, poverty, or hunger.

A Nonprofit Marketing Plan Example to Inspire Your Organization

Then, invite your donors to become the heroes of the story by getting involved and making a gift. Before beginning my career in nonprofit fundraising, I worked in politics. We may argue about how to achieve those things, but nearly everyone wants them. Successful nonprofits tailor their messages to appeal to these core human values as well. If your nonprofit is providing home heating assistance, be sure to tell donors that you are keeping families safe from the cold, and allowing them to live healthy, comfortable lives.

Yes, you can tell donors about your individual programs, but be sure they understand the big vision behind your work: to keep families warm and healthy.

5 Tips for Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story

For example, the marketing team cuts its printed newsletter budget in favor of a much less expensive e-newsletter program. It subscribes to a cloud-based newsletter program, which hosts the email database, assists in the creation of e-newsletters, and emails the content to the database.

The savings are significant and everybody is thrilled. With that knowledge, the marketing team can work to find a singular solution to prevent redundancies, centralize communication, reduce expenses, and improve overall effectiveness. TIP: Start building a bridge with your fundraising or development team through this budget evaluation process. Too many nonprofits conduct marketing and development separately when the two should go hand in hand. Three-fourths of marketers are in the first steps, young, or adolescent phase of content marketing, according to CMI research.

Unlike someone who specializes in website development and another who is focused on email marketing , he says, an agency deeply understands how to integrate all aspects of marketing, advertising, and public relations. Russell offers these three examples of organizations taking typical nonprofit tactics — annual reports, consumer education, and public awareness that they already do — and transforming them into modern-day content marketing successes.

The goal is to get the Hunger Report known by a greater range of organizations with influencer development playing an important role in the initiative. For example, U. This project has seen the email database grow from to 11, subscribers in a little bit more than a year.

Video Marketing on Social Media: Best Practices & Inspiration for Nonprofits

American Society of Civil Engineers Bridges Photo Contest: ASCE took a social and print content approach in its annual photo competition around images of bridges as part of its ongoing content marketing to promote the civil engineering profession around the world. It used images from the social media campaign to put together its annual calendar of bridges.

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According to Connectivity by CQ Roll Call , one year of its special Facebook app elicited images from 50 countries, a Facebook reach including highlighting the winners of , people, and nearly 15, print calendars sold. Using the hashtag also enables the organization to tie itself into the topical conversation on social media.

Seth Godin on Successful Fundraising - Ask the Fundraising Expert

As a nonprofit marketer, you are well-positioned to tell stories that have impact.