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Love: Abounding Through Knowledge — Peter Wade, Bible teacher

Abounding Love Weather Policies. It hurts. It hurts because, for her, there was no blissful time of romance. She married a broken buffoon. There was no awesome wedding.

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  • Matthew KJV: And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.;
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There was indeed a wedding but it was not awesome. It was a miserable day for her. My wife went home with our son without me from our wedding reception. I came home some time later. As much as I really hate to admit this nasty fact this is the first time I have ever told anyone ever — that could easily be the description of our marriage until — Jill was home caring for the children and Peter comes home when he wants to.

This was an incredibly painful time for Jill and the hurt comes back when circumstances open the wounds of yesteryear. As you can see the good old days were not so good for Jill. Being reminded of them is not the best of times either. Even with forgiveness it is very hard to forget.

by A.J. Gordon

There has never been a honeymoon. This was me. I had a very hard time pillowing my head without being a rascal — without doing something I ought not to be doing. I was by all accounts a happy rascal.

I was having fun and hoping to survive. Jill loves her children.

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She made sure that our home was healthy for our children when I was unhealthy. Then in , after a series of fortunate events that Jill will share in some other blog post, I was led to finally understand what repentance meant. I understood at that time that Jesus died for me. I understood that He took the penalty of my sin. I understood that He would transform my life.

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And finally, after 28 years of life I understood that if I truly and genuinely turned from me to Him and humbled myself before him and asked Him to be my Lord and Savior — he would draw nigh to me and He would do what only He can do — give me new life in Him. From that point forward, I believe I have been born again and I also believe I have genuinely loved my wife.

That love for her has continually improved and matured as my understanding of what it means has evolved. Christianity is the only worldview that teaches a new birth - a transformed life - God himself changing you from the inside out. Not a superficial, whitewashing of the outside but a supernatural bolt of God quickening me from death to life. I am a new man. When no one else is around. I care about what God wants me to do.

Sov’reign grace o’er sin abounding

The battle may rage at times as my enemies attack me but I know that I am never alone and Jesus is more powerful than my enemies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. God wants me to love Jill with the same love, devotion, passion, and sacrifice that Jesus had for us when he sacrificed himself for us. Not only does He want me to love Jill this way but He empowers me to do it. God is making me a better husband. One day at a time. One correction at a time. One hard dose of His love at a time. His love flowing through me to His daughter.

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I believe that if you have been together any length of time you know exactly how your bride experiences or feels love. We know. And so let me practise meeting Him! Said a mother to me one day concerning her long-absent boy: "I lay a place for him at every meal! His seat is always ready! Matthew xxiv. This beautiful world and all that is on it.

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Our houses, our churches, our cities, will crumble away; the very earth with its mountains and rivers, and plains, and seas, will pass away. The stars will fall from heaven, the sun will have exhausted its fires, the moon will sink into night. But the words of Christ will last. There are, however, three ways in which it may be explained: 1. That Jesus reckons the time after his own divine, and not after our human, fashion. Viewing the word in this light, the passage at II. THE last and most solemn denunciation of Jerusalem had been uttered, the last and most terrible prediction of judgment upon the Temple spoken, and Jesus was suiting the action to the word.