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The Haka tour is perfect for anyone wishing to travel to New Zealand and not sure about how to visit all the beautiful places and do all the wonderful activities it has to offer! I went on both south and north tour separately and both Booked the last tour of the season. Great service and info straight from the moment you book. Everything was as promised, very efficient.

Morgs was our guide.

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Good knowledge, showed us the best tracks and ensured that everybody in the group had a good time Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Basket 0. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

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Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Outdoor Activities , Tours , More. Auckland Central, New Zealand. About Haka Tours. Our difference? We believe size matters — all tours have a max size of 16 people. Tours are also completely flexible — all tours include the basics such as transport, accommodation and breakfasts but you choose the activities you want to add to your trip. Create your dream New Zealand tour today!

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Travellers talk about. Tours and Tickets by Haka Tours. Tours from Haka Tours tend to sell out - travellers recommend booking in advance! Experience the Northland region of our country and soak up the sunshine. With plenty of stops along the way and a huge range of activities to do while you are in Paihia ranging from dolphin swimming to sky diving, this is the best way to experience the "Winterless North". This tour departs Auckland and can be added before some of our North Island tours. Accommodation is at our stunning penthouse backpackers, Haka Lodge Paihia, with undoubtedly the most stunning views imaginable.

Starting from Auckland, we take our time making our way down the beautiful and volcanic North Island to New Zealand's capital, Wellington, before catching a ferry to cross the Cook Strait to get up close and personal with the best of the South Island. Activities can also be purchased on the road — just let your tour guide know. We can't always guarantee availability when booking on the road, so we suggest pre-booking any activities you especially want to do. As the tour starts early in the morning, you can opt to book accommodation in Auckland with us the night before the tour — only having to walk downstairs on the day the tour starts makes for a stress-free morning.

Included in your tour is a unique opportunity to carve your very own pounamu greenstone pendant with local carvers on the West Coast. Activities can be pre-booked or purchased on the road - just let your tour guide know. As the tour starts early in the morning, you can opt to book accommodation in Christchurch with us the night before the tour — only having to walk downstairs on day 1 makes for a stress-free morning.

Starting from Christchurch, we will take you on an adrenalin-fueled South Island experience that is bursting with optional activities to get your blood pumping. We include two days in Queenstown to maximise the rush. It all starts at 8am at our Haka accommodation in Christchurch and ends around 9am on day 12 in Wellington. We have a massive range of optional activities available to add, from bungy jumping and dolphin swimming to jet boating and scenic flights. Even after the reported murder of the Romanovs, Dmitri holds out hope that Tatiana is alive.

Eventually, he gives up hope. He goes on to start a family of his own and relocates to America. However, things aren't always what they seem. When fate thrusts Tatiana back into his life, Dmitri is forced to make some very hard choices. Can he reconcile his love for Tatiana with the new life that he has made for himself and the wife that has stuck by his side throughout the years? All things considered, I expected this to be a much more emotional read. Instead, it felt sweet and maybe even a little sad. Even with Tatiana's reappearance, the story failed to elicit the tremendous emotional highs and lows that I expected.

Things just fell together too perfectly. Dmitri's wife was just too accepting and almost complacent. I even felt the same way about how things worked out for Kitty and her husband. It was like these characters had been given a heavy dose of a sedative. Where was the anger and sense of betrayal? Overall, it ended up being a good but not great type of story for me.

It had a lot of unrealized potential. I needed more emotion and a stronger connection to the characters. It felt kind of "flat" to me, for lack of a better descriptor. Check out more of my reviews at www. View all 28 comments. Mar 21, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction , overdrive , , e-book , historical-romance.

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When Kitty Fischer makes a shocking discovery about her life and marriage, she flees England in search of the property in the Adirondacks she recently inherited. The place is in horrible disrepair, but she sets to work restoring it, while searching out her personal connection to her great-grandfather, Dmitri, the original owner of the property. This is a journey that will take the reader all the way back to where Dmitri is recovering from a war wound, and meets the great love of his life, Tatiana Romanov. Like most of you, I have heard stories about the Romanov family. Most of us are familiar with Anastasia, but this novel features her sister, Tatiana, which is a refreshing change of pace.

I have not thought about the Romanov family in a very long time, and for some reason, books based on the family or this period in history never seems to show up on my radar. So, because it was so unlike other historical fiction, I normally read, this one really captivated me. While Kitty does the research into her family tree and discovers the shocking truth about her grandfather, she is feverishly restoring the cabin she inherited, and avoiding contact with her husband until she figures out how to get her life back on track.

The author obviously did a great deal of painstaking research, providing incredible and lush details that put me right there in the midst of royal opulence, only to later find myself experiencing the fall of the Tsar and the horrors of war, right along with Dimitri and Tatiana. I was absolutely on the edge of my seat, riveted, and mesmerized! Although, she could have worded it a little better, I was happy she decided to use a negative experience as a chance to take stock of her life and made something good come from something bad.

Those of you who have followed my reviews, know that on occasion, I whine about the demise of the sweeping romantic historical sagas of old, so you can imagine how very much I loved this story! View all 36 comments. Jun 19, Dem rated it did not like it. I think it is time we parted company despite our mutual friend pairing us together with the hope that our relationship would be the one that would be the talk of I know you think I am going to say the usual " it's me and not you".

But let me assure you it's all "YOU" despite your handsome facade you just don't have any depth or knowledge that I require for a long term relationship, in fac 1. But let me assure you it's all "YOU" despite your handsome facade you just don't have any depth or knowledge that I require for a long term relationship, in fact I found you rather twee and your lines cliched and wasted on me despite the many lovers you boast about, I certainly will not become a dog ear on your page.

I know you will find many more lovers more deserving of your romance than me therefore I don't feel so bad parting on bad terms but I have my standards and you just don't meet them. My words may seem harsh as many of your previously lovers raved about you but I feel honestly is the best policy and I know you will be partnered with someone else who will appreciate your romantic lines much more than me. View all 65 comments. Great book!!! I was going to knock off a star as soon as I came across "it".

My mind was made up however my opinion changed towards the end. I'm not saying "it's" okay but I understand. The heart wants what it wants!!!! View all 10 comments. I had already decided that this was a book that I really wanted to read before I got an email about participating in a blog tour for the book. I been interested in the Romanovs for years and reading a mystery book about Grand Duchess Tatiana was too tempting to resist.

I was especially thrilled about reading about Tatiana instead of Anastasia who otherwise seems to be the most popular sister to write about. The Secret Wife has two storylines. One in the present time with Kitty leaving her husband I had already decided that this was a book that I really wanted to read before I got an email about participating in a blog tour for the book. One in the present time with Kitty leaving her husband in London settling in her great-grandfather's remote cabin in America.

There she discovers that her grandfather was a writer and she finds a pendant that once belonged to a dog whose owner was a Russain Grand Duchess. And, in the past storyline, we get to met her young grandfather when he wounded is taking care off by a very special nurse. This is a what if story. What if Dmitri and Tatiana had really fallen in love and what if he had tried everything to save her life? What would be the consequences? I looked up Tatiana and Dmitri on Wikipedia and was surprised to learn that Dmitri really had existed and that Tatiana had nursed him when he was wounded. So, even thou the book is fiction, does it have some historical bearing.

I especially like that the story took some surprising turns, that it turned out to be darker and sadder story than I had expected when I started to read the book. The people in this book make rash decisions and some decisions will have ramifications years later. This is a book where both storylines are good. I liked reading about how Kitty discovered more about her great-grandfather life and thus learning more about her family.

And, Dmitri's storyline is just as intriguing. View 1 comment. This is a big But a good read nevertheless. A mystery built around the Romanovs of Russia. A fantasy built around one of the daughter's, Tatiana's, romances with a soldier. And then it becomes a story within a story when Kitty Fischer, one of the descendants, inherits a remote cottage at a lake and tries to find out more about her great-grandfather. Decide on the Romanoff connection as the axle, and then add the rest of the story in the American idiom, and yo This is a big Decide on the Romanoff connection as the axle, and then add the rest of the story in the American idiom, and you get this book.

Relationships run parallel and wisdom from the past solve the problems of the present. The novel is what it is.

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  8. I enjoyed it as such. Some little peeves got me into sleuth-mode. For instance: 'Dmitri had lost touch with his daughter Marta when he died and I have no idea why. Perhaps he was too dead to get in touch with her? Another one: Kitty's computer sent an email from her drafts No m'am it ain't gonna happen, unless someone is lying, or it is a novelist fantasy like this one.

    A light-ish kind of read, with serious, serious, shocking, brutal undertones. It gives the story substance. Lots of it. And yes, a perfect example of successful modern polygamy. Endearing and heart-breaking. This story is written in the same style as The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. So yes, try it on for size. It's gripping and relaxing in the almost chick-lit style, but absolutely and definitely worth it.

    View all 13 comments. Mar 22, Erin rated it liked it Shelves: library-borrowed. Those poor Romanovs!


    Aren't we ever going to let their souls rest in peace? However, just like The Tsarina's Daughter I couldn't help but get swept up in a huge historical "what if? The two fall in lo 3. The two fall in love, but history is about to play its hand. Or will someone in the Romanov family escape their fate? The contemporary storyline, takes place in and centers around Dmitri's great grandaughter, Kitty.

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    Kitty flees her cheating husband in England and heads to America and Dmitri's cabin. Soon she will stumble upon a long buried family secret. Gosh, I just couldn't put this bloody book down. Highly readable even if the "romance" is so cheesy and the dialogue a bit like a 70's romance. But I loved this cotton candy for my brain! Perfect read for a getaway to the cottage or lounging on the beach. View all 6 comments. I could not get into this story at all. It felt like there was no character development and because of that the story felt completely fake and made the characters unlikable.

    Not to mention the fact that the characters in this story said and did things that seemed so out of the norm of what any rational person would do or say. I had to force myself to finish this book. View all 4 comments. Apr 02, Karen rated it it was amazing. What the author has done with The Secret Wife, and so very well, is to combine fiction with fact to make a spellbinding tale of love and loss.

    I love dual narrative and timeslip but quite often prefer one period to another — as I thought would be the case here. I was very impressed with her carpentry skills whilst repairing the remote lakeside cabin that she inherited! Although he had been an Imperial Guard for the family, their most personal encounter was in a converted hospital ward at the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoe Selo when Dimiti, aged 23, was recovering from injuries suffered during the fighting at the front between the Russians and Germans.

    Tatiana together with her sister Olga and their mother were helping to tend the wounded and the brief times that Dimitri and Tatiana spent together was the beginning of a love that would be both wonderful and the cause of so much heartache and danger. This is a story spanning the years from , including the Bolshevik revolution in and then in later years up to The research has been meticulous and the setting, the characters and the turmoil and brutality of the revolution were all bought to life.

    From the extravagance and opulence of the Tsar and his family — they gave each other Faberge eggs as presents and, later, with the Romanov women sewing their precious jewels in their underclothes for safekeeping; to the dreadfully harsh conditions suffered by the poorest of Russian citizens giving rise to the revolution and then the cruelty and determination of the Red Army to take control and to rid Russia of the wealthiest and most hated families — particularly the Romanov Royal family.

    I became completely absorbed in the lives of Dimitri and Tatiana. Dimitri was a brave soldier but with an impulsive nature who was later to regret certain decisions he had made. With her husband, the Tsar, away commanding his army, she was left in control. The Secret Wife is a captivating and often emotional story of a fascinating and brutal period in history. Gill Paul has woven into history her own view of events. I would love to believe that her version is the true one. View 2 comments. Nov 20, Marguerite Kaye added it. Oh dear, this is one of those books that everyone seems to love, and that simply didn't work for me.

    Since I skim-read the vast majority of it, I can't rate it but I'll try to explain why. Basically, I liked the premise, I usually like Richard and Judy recommendations, having just finished Simon Sebag Monefiorie's brilliant Romanovs, I was ready for a time-slip involving one of the grand duchesses. Firstly, I simply couldn't buy the premise. Rightly or wrongly, Tatiana seemed all wrong com Oh dear, this is one of those books that everyone seems to love, and that simply didn't work for me.

    Rightly or wrongly, Tatiana seemed all wrong compared to what I've read of her, and she didn't come to life at all in the book. Ms Paul is clearly a huge fan of the history of the period, and she's read masses. It shows, though for me not in a good way.

    Haapanen-Tallgren, Tyyni

    There was way, way too much of the history put in there in a factual and very passive way. For example, lots of details about WWI battles 'read' from newspapers that was pretty unnecessary to the story. And lots of little snippets that were tell don't show - one that comes to mind is the comment about Catherine's dead dogs being buried in a garden. These are the kind of things almost every other reviewer seems to have enjoyed but for me they jarred, they read like the author had so many facts at her fingertips she wanted to put them all in.

    And although we definitely needed history for context, in my view, we didn't need so many lectures. Next up was the modern character of Kitty. I absolutely loathed the woman. She discovers her husband has been playing away in a horrible way. She confronts her best friend, who knows about it but she then runs away from her and from her husband. She doesn't really seem to care much for her husband, but then she becomes like a dog with a bone - she doesn't want anyone else to have him, so she wants him back.

    But does she do anything about it? Nope, she just hides, and hides, and hides. And does she really love him - frankly I didn't buy that at all. When finally this part of the story is resolved, Kitty goes back to London, meets up with Tom for a night, they talk about what she's been doing, she decides she's going to be a carpenter - and that's it!!!! No discussion of their relationship, no discussion of the effect each other's behaviour had on the other, just - okay, it's done now, we really love each other, now let's get on.

    As I said, I skim read much of this, so this might be a complete mis-interpretation, but it's how it came over to me. In a timeslip, one of the conventions is to draw parallels between the front and back story. It's one of the things I really enjoy about the genre, how history teaches us. I didn't feel that it worked in this story. Maybe my expectations were wrong. And finally, something I've already touched on, was the very passive narrative style.

    Again, I can't find any other reviewers who commented on this, maybe it's just a bugbear with me, but I found it distanced me from all of the characters, and I'm afraid I didn't even empathise with poor Tatiana. I'm a lone voice. Just ignore me, and try this one for yourself.

    Aug 25, Kate rated it it was amazing. The Secret Wife is a fascinating and beautifully written novel which makes the reader wonder "what if? Dmitri's tale finds him in a military hospital during World War I, and recounts the story of his love affair with the Grand Duche The Secret Wife is a fascinating and beautifully written novel which makes the reader wonder "what if? Dmitri's tale finds him in a military hospital during World War I, and recounts the story of his love affair with the Grand Duchess Tatiana Romanov. It also details the turbulent political landscape of Russia and the effects it has on everyone.

    Kitty on the other hand is reeling after what she discovers in London, and makes a break for America to think things through at her great grandfather's cabin in Adirondacks which she has inherited. She spends time repairing the cabin and learning more about the great grandfather she knew nothing about. When reading the description, I wondered just how successfully this dual storyline would work and whether the author would pull this off, and she does so seamlessly.

    Sex education, for many of us, was rolling condoms onto bananas. This book, part memoir and part vagina manual, will open our eyes and expand our brains with all the knowledge we should have absorbed when we were younger. The author relates her personal experiences such as being diagnosed with a tilted uterus and her quest to have children, with detailed research regarding everything from FGM to pelvic pain and masturbation.

    A must read, if we want to know our bodies better. Do you know what a lingam massage is? How about a yoni massage, then? This book introduces you to tantric sex, self-pleasure and naked festivals in the woods in a funny and refreshing way. Something more of us should have learnt to do in the Nineties. If two words could sum this up: cor blimey. Her personal stories and narratives feel natural in these essays, as if they should always have been there, and bring new life to old subjects. Zadie Smith and Rebecca Solnit are big fans.

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    The former Guardian features writer was once so crippled with anxiety that she could barely leave the house. After getting divorced, Mackie decided to try and make her world larger by putting on running shoes and exploring London. This memoir builds up from a rocky start to 10ks — without pushing readers to aspire to run fast, or to run marathons. This book is more about battling mental health issues and conquering life. She is also refreshingly honest about the fact that not all her demons have been banished, but she has found a good way to keep them at bay.

    Daisy Buchanan, the oldest of six girls, is not afraid to admit her sisters can drive her nuts, and they often did throughout her childhood. Her memoir is an open love letter to her family about how they have encouraged her, challenged her, laughed with — and sometimes at — her as she has grown up.

    It offers advice about how to manage the trickier aspects of life, such as battling body anxiety and making a mark in your career, and bad first boyfriends. Another memoir about running, but about so much more besides. Within a year, Bryony Gordon goes from binge drinking, vomiting and suffering depression to running the London Marathon and interviewing Prince Harry about mental health — the closest a mere mortal can get to a fairytale book ending.

    Eat, Drink, Run will also tempt you to run a marathon yourself, for about 10 minutes at least. Nicole Chung, the editor of US literary website Catapult , grew up knowing she was adopted, but not much else. As a small girl of colour in a white family, in a white town in rural Oregon, she started asking questions. Her memoir does a good job at describing the devastating and exhausting effects of living with high anxiety and depression, despite having a lively Instagram profile, a solid job, marriage and friendships. It reads fluently, and is consistently funny and moving. Many memoirs have stronger chapters than others.

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