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This allows you to play more than one game in an evening and also makes tournaments easier to organise.

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Art De La Guerre is a simple and realistic rule set, clearly written and well illustrated with many diagrams and examples. The principles that guided the development of the rules are:. The principles that guided the development of the rules are: Art De La Guerre is played with bases comprising from one to four figures or a single model as in DBM. A unit is the basic element for manoeuvre and combat.

Units are represented by a single base for mounted and light troops or a combination of two or three bases for other foot units. An army will generally consist of from twenty to thirty units divided into three corps right wing, centre and left wing , each led by a commander.

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Adjacent units from the same corps can move together as a group. Each commander can issue orders to his units or groups of units every game-turn.

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The more capable the commander, the more different or complex orders he can give to his troops. Each troop type is defined by its principal function on the battlefield rather than by a list of its weapons or the amount of its armour. The serpent of the title is nowhere to be found in this Arcadian landscape. Even the androgynous figure in black who could represent a human embodiment of the Serpent looks as if he or she is mostly savouring the doffing of the garment as it slides off his or her naked skin.

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The figures on the balcony in the top right-hand corner accentuate the mystery of this enigmatic allegory, adding a further discreet note of menace and apparently intensifying the opposition between good and evil, even if it all remains a bit vague and dreamy. This paradoxically little-known icon stands as a key moment in the history of French art: it was widely commented on after it was exhibited at the opening of the modern art museum at the Palais de Tokyo during the war in Paul Delvaux's Les Noeds Roses was painted before the Second World War in but was included in the exhibition because it was first shown at the first great Surrealist retrospective in Paris at the Galerie des Beaux-Arts.

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L'Art de la Guerre Resources Page

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