Les Filleules de Rubens, Tome I (French Edition)

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I was not responsible for the work. There is a moment—and it is the most difficult—when you must disappear. If I reappear, if I question, the questioning will impede the transcription. Reims blossomed in a fulfilling but corralled role. But his fixation on orifices and freakish explicit imagery seems to have passed Reims by. Her obsession was the discipline, the cutting: the line. In the center of the image, torquing the composition, a hand gropes towards an anus.

Female genitalia are the familiar subject of this complex, lubricious composition, an exemplification of aestheticized sexual objectification that remains disquieting.

Though their working together was profoundly intimate, Bellmer remained distant too; a self-portrait he dedicated to her shows his deep appreciation of her work, but nothing more. Other artists approached Reims. She transcribed after Salvador Dali — , taking on the famous painting My Wife, Nude, Contemplating her own Flesh becoming Stairs, Three Vertebrae of a Column, Sky and Architecture engraving , Laz , of which she is proud, but she found herself unable to bear his buffoonery and dropped him from her roster.

Instead, she began a deeply productive collaboration with her husband. A poor, cultureless childhood spent in a damp family basement in Boulogne-Billancourt had given Deux little formal education but much artistic liberty—a tabula rasa on which to create. He floods the picture plane; there are intimations of Outsider art.

She moved in incremental shifts from a rich black penumbra that describes the right-hand side of a profiled central figure, through mid-tone cellular structures, to a clean, white highlight on an arm. Working with Bellmer was difficult. Deux was warm and his subject matter affected Reims deeply. She worked on over of his drawings between and , with free choice of work and scale.

Deux—a partnership in art as in life from onward. In the 20th century, the art was largely disregarded as skilled reproduction. To glorify the creative artist, we considered it necessary to abase the craftsman-engraver. Edition of 69 on laid Japan paper on Rives vellum, 20 on Rives vellum and 20 on Arches vellum. Typography by Pierre Chave. Published by Pierre Chave, Vence, France Interpreting for others, however, does raise problems for an originator.

She discovered a tacit power in concealment. She could engrave anything, taking on the celebrated Master E. The state of being oneself can wane when set aside. What if interpretation had arrested her personal artistic development?

Engraving for Herself and Others: Cécile Reims | Art in Print : Art in Print

They feel like a statement of intent, a new confidence. She digs down into structures to find abstraction, making the order found in nature more sinuous and curious through the rounded flow of her graver, using more tone than line, shadowing and mirroring. The spidery striations that make up the tone of the sky avoid the sun and moon and seem to bleed out of vertical structures sprouting from a low baseline. One might mistake these striations for mistakes in the copper, but Reims has engraved each by hand.

As if attempting a cartography of the spirit, she brings to them a sense of surging life, cellular repetition and growth arranged within a careful order. When she was six, however, Judelas Remzas brought his daughter back to Paris, and the absence of her Lithuanian home hit hard. She was reunited with her father and aunt in Paris in , but when the news came that her beloved uncle, Gustav Gumpert, had been murdered in Auschwitz and the rest of her Lithuanian family—men, women and children—had been shot in the fields outside Kibarty, she fled to Palestine under false papers through the Zionist paramilitary group Haganah.

She served in the fight for Israeli independence and the battle for Jerusalem at the end of , but her first severe attack of tuberculosis forced her to return to France. She imagined a swift return to Jerusalem, the city she still calls home, but swiftly became disillusioned with the new state of Israel and it was not to be. It is a metal as hard as what I carry within me. Dictionary , artists. According to Hutchinson's Antiquities of Durham , which Allan promoted, he had a collection of numerous crayons attributed to Place but which may have included ones by Greenhill. He also owned a pastel by Gainsborough.

Anonymous pastels of him and his wife are now in the NPG, London. A number of English pastels passed to Xavier Haas. Alexandre ANANOFF : born in Tbilisi, Ananoff was an early enthusiast and writer about space, publishing the seminal work L'Astronautique in , the year in which he organised the first international congress on the subject in Paris. By the end of the s he had turned his attention to art history, publishing an important, if flawed, catalogue of Boucher. Pastels: H. Drouais, dame en Flore. Paris, Navoit, Laneuville, His collection, formed with advice from Sir Thomas Lawrence, was purchased after his death to form the National Gallery.

His daughter Julia married General Sabloukoff; a pastel by Lawrence descended to William Angerstein until the sale. London, Christie's, 4. Hien Lot He was the son of Edmund Antrobus of Odrode, and cousin of the first baronet. His house was "very splendidly furnished with books and pictures", according to Romney's friend, William Hayley. He died unmarried. In the s Arthur's son John Appleby moved to Jersey, and assembled a varied collection of old master pictures, including a Titian, as well as travel and natural history.

The collection was sold after his death by Christie's in a series of sales, notably on 4. Pastels handled by the firm included works by Russell, Hamilton, Cotes and Allais. Only six are now accepted as autograph; three of the remaining ones including two now in Rome in the Camera dei Deputati are now attributed to Pavona.

Paris, Guilleaumont, Basan, 9. Vente p. Toulouse : sent numerous pastels to the Salon de Toulouse between and Lenoir Lit. Collections, Chantilly. Dictionary , artists Lit. He was the son and grandson of eminent doctors, and it was his maternal grandfather Jean Fabas who formed a major collection of over mainly Dutch paintings in the s. Dr Azam lent three pastels two by Perronneau and a Rosalba to the Bordeaux exhibition; one was in his sale p. His inventory Ceux-ci faisoient partie de la Collection de M. Un Buste de Femme de profil, avec une main tenant des fleurs, Dessein au Pastel des plus gravieux, de M.

A substantial collection was catalogued in his estate inventory, printed in ; in addition to the pastels it lists below several other pastels probably belonged to him. Coloured chalk drawings by artists such as Hardirch were also included. The attribution of the Meiningen pastel of his father remains controversial.

Several of his letters, notably that of Friedemann Musik-Director in Halle, J. Mit trocknen Farben von Eichler.

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In goldnen Rahmen, unter Glas. Bach, Joh. Meinungischer Kapellmeister. Mit trocknen Farben von Ludw. Bach, seinem Sohne. In trocknen Farben von E. Mit trocknen Farben. In goldenen Rahmen, unter Glas. Gezeichnet von Schubart. He was a particular enthusiast for the naturalistic style of Chardin and La Tour. He died in Spa, leaving a will naming his widow, Mme Mitterstille, their children a son was in the Gardes, and his sister, veuve van der Ertweg.

The identification of the vendor in his posthumous sale is taken from a manuscript annotation, and appears in secondary sources as "baron de Vanbaal" or "Van Balle". Paris, 9. She purchased at other sales, such as the de Selle sale where she bought a pastel by Audran through Remy. Her natural history collection was one of the most important of the day. Dictionary , genealogy, Doublet Lit. The estate was originally acquired by Sir John Bankes , chief justice. Pastels: Greenhill, Betterton. The inventory of his collection, In addition to the three pastels in his sale, Sigismond Bardac also donated a pastel by Colson to a charity auction in.

A posthumous sale took place in London, Christie's, According to the Annuaire des artistes et amateurs , , his collection numbered some items. But he evidently made frequent disposals, such as in the sale of 75 of his pictures. Couture's portrait of the singer is in the Fogg Museum. He is presumably the Bateman who on A military surgeon, he established a hopsital in Algiers and served also in the Crimea. Dictionary , artists Vente p.

Cette composition, de forme ronde, est peinte au pastel; par M. Diametre 9 pouces. Lot Hauteur 11 po. He inherited a Liotard sold after his death. His posthumous sale also included a number of anonymous pastels. Dictionary , genealogy; essay Lit. Beaumont acquired the house on Bury's death; it was sold to the local council in Belvedere, Mullingar, Christie's, 9. Giordano [72 frs 3; Hubert]. Mlle Dangeville. Although specialising in early Dutch painting and drawing, the collection sold at Amsterdam, Mensing, Muller, No details are given.

An earlier letter of 8. Georges Duplessis suggests that the pastellist was the engraver Lubin q. The couple were divorced In she donated an Italian frame for the Mona Lisa to the Louvre. Some of these were inherited by her nephew Hubert, marquis de Ganay q. He was a major donor to the Louvre. They had four daughters, two of whom were minors at her death.

Hauteur 10 pouces, largeur 12 pouces. As consul general in Paris in the midth century he established connections with France which persisted through the succeeding generations. A sale of furniture, objets d'art and pictures took place in Paris, Artcurial, His fine collection of Dutch paintings, as well as four pastels by Troost and one by Barbier, was confiscated by the state in when the owner was arrested and shot, and is now in the Pushkin Museum. Vaillant Troost en pastel sur papr. B, no. Modern sources often give him the surname "de Grancourt", a title that was used by his uncle and later by his son; but he did not use it in contemporary documents.

In he moved to a new building which he had constructed at 3 rue Dosne. The stock was seized in by the ERR. This led to his appointment as amabssador to Venice in In he was appointed archbishop of Albi, and five years later was made a cardinal and French ambassador to the Holy See. His collection was seized in the Revolution: a manuscript catalogue repr.

Dictionary , genealogy, Pierre Catalogue s. Manet made a portrait of their 5-year old son, the playwright Henri Bernstein Maurizio e Lazzaro, Bologna; inv. Giovannino di Pastello in carta azzurra con cornice liscia n. An anarchist and pornographer in his youth, he was sentenced to one year in prison by the Belgian courts in , perhaps explaining his move to England. He handled a "Perronneau", several copies of pastels by Liotard and a pastel group portrait said to be by Liotard, perhaps by Pougin de Saint-Aubin. He was involved in support for the early Soviet Russia.

He lent four pastels to the Metropolitan Museum's 50th anniversary exhibition in ; the Perronneau and La Tour were still shown in the Met. A few years later, Bertron's firm got into serious financial difficulties and he had to dispose of the collection. He provided the introduction to Georges Wildenstein's La Tour , Mauclair, Albert Besnard , Paris, ; G. He was Liotard's patron, a member of the Society of Dilettanti and of the Accademia di Disegno in Florence, and a trustee the British Museum from His son Frederick, 3 rd Earl of Bessborough inherited financial difficulties, exacerbated by the gambling debts of his wife, Lady Henrietta Spencer, and the picture collection was disposed of in several sales in and The contents of Bessborough House in Ireland was sold by Christie's in The sale of Claude A.

Ponsonby, one of Bessborough's great-great-grandsons, included five Liotards London, Christie's, In the family acquired Stansted Park v. Dictionary , genealogy, Ponsonby Lit. The Perronneau included in the sale appears however to have been consigned by one of the "divers amateurs". He owned pastels by Knapton Pope and Gardner. He amassed over drawings, 28, prints as well as furniture and an important collection of Chinese porcelain, later dispersed in numerous sales from to Paris, Drouais, Mme de Pompadour , etc.

Herlequin, "Les Beurnonville", Cah. Haut-Marnais , lvii, , pp. Mme Elisabeth Paris, Drouot, Chevallier, Rosalba, jeune femme [Fr]. Pompadour ; Lot attr. B-] Lot Jeune femme en buste, d'aprs Boucher. Pastel, 0. Paris, Remy, 3. Ce morceau est de forme ovale. Hauteur 2 pouces 4 lignes, largeur 19 lig. Hauteur 15 pouces, largeur 11 pouces 6 lignes [30 livres; Deumery? Bruxelles, Fievez, Under Biron's tutellage, he too became a renowned connoisseur and artistic adviser to a number of wealthy collectors.

A sale took place 34 years after his death. After his death the business was continued briefly by his son. The sale was the fifth in a series by Mlle Blaisot, Antoine's unmarried daughter. Pastel: La Tour, autoportrait [pastiche, Uffizi ]. Dictionary , genealogy Lit. Un buste de femme, par Joseph Vivien: ce morceau est de forme ovale, il porte 2 pieds de haut, sur 1 pied 8 pouces de large. Le portrait de Mademoiselle Riviere, danseuse, par F. Boucher [ Le portrait de Madame la Marquise de Pompadour. Un autre buste de femme: hauteur 15 pouces, largeur 12 pouces. Une aimable femme en habit de cavalier; hauteur 24 pouces, largeur 19 pouces.

Brugge, Hauw, Paris, Drouot, Chevallier, Roblin, Paris, Drouot, Bonaventure Inc. It dealt in French and American art, including a number of French 18th century pastels, not always of unquestionable attribution. Jean BONNA , Swiss banker, bibliophile and collector of drawings from the 15 th to the 20 th centuries; two large collections were exhibited in Dictionary , artists; essay. His will of left his estate to the children of his brother Philippe —p.

Paris, Dufrancastel, Pastels: Perronneau, femme. His collection of some pictures, mostly modern but also including works by Chardin, Fragonard, Prud'hon etc. The chalk drawing of a woman, catalogued with reservations as by La Tour, was evidently too late to be by him. Borthon , Dijon, , introduction H. There do not seem to be any portraits de famille, pastels or pastel materials in the inv. His extensive collection of some 70, prints and drawings included a number of sheets in portfolios described simply as "pastel", by artists including Dumonstier, Champaigne, Porbus, Giuseppino etc.

They are not catalogued in the Dictionary. His inv. Un portrait en pastelle de Monseigneur dans une bordure de bois en feuilles de choux, 6 livres Un portrait aux pastelle de Mr Colbert fait par Mr Le Brun dans sa bordure de bois garny d'une glace devant, s. Un portrait aux pastelles de Mr Champaigne par le mesme en bordure avec une glace, s.

His son, Jean de Boullongne c. Paris, Drouot, Lair-Dubreil, His posthumous inventory, 3. Bourgeois's collection of some pictures was eventually bequeathed to Dulwich College. Waterfield, in Houston Pastels: Bacciarelli, 2 pstls. The son of a marchand drapier, he was the brother and heir of Pierre-Louis Bourlat another brother, Arnaud, was based in Marseille, while a sister married the financier Guillaume Castanier d'Auriac. He spent some 40 years in Constantinople letters authorising him to live there were granded in before returning to France. The Italian school was well represented in his sale.

Rosalba; hauteur 12 pouces, largeur 10 pouces [20 livres 19]. The members of the firm changed from time to time. He acquired Chiddingstone Castle in and bequeathed it to the National Trust who refused the bequest; it is now owned by a private trust together with much of his extensive collections of Japanese, Egyptian and 17th century English antiquities. London, Christie's, 5. The collection was largely assembled in the 12 years before her death while the couple lived in Paris. The creation of the Bowes Museum , Durham, Dictionary , genealogy; Parrocel , ii, pp.

Lot Quatre morceaux, Victoire-Ursule-Madeleine BOZE , daughter of the pastellist, was also an artist; she left her father's autoportrait to the Louvre. Sale: Amsterdam, Van der Schley, Yver, Brame was especially associated with Degas. Walter A. Starting in the s he amassed a large collection of British drawings and watercolours which was partly dispersed in a sale in London, Sotheby's, 7. Pastels included works by or attributed to Downman, Lawrence, Russell and Tomkins.

Mme J. Her large collection of miniatures, pictures, ceramics, objets d'art etc. Paris, Drouot, Lair-Dubreuil, Desvouges, Brugge, His first collection was sold in Paris, Ces deux derniers morceaux proviennent de la grande vente de M. Randon de Boisset. Haut 15 p. Paris, Jean-Ferdinand Olivier, Paris, Bonnefons Amaury, George, Labille-Guiard, Mme Mitoire ]. After his death Catherine II acquired his collection of works on paper - some drawings and 31, prints - together with some of his paintings.

London, Sotheby's, They handled several pastels by John Russell. He travelled widely throughout Europe, but settled in Paris. His accounts of the state of the arts in countries from France to Germany and Sweden contain useful insights. His sale of gouaches and drawings included a number of pastels and drawings with pastel.

Boucher, Adoration des Rois; etc. Cet article contient 12 Dessins. Une des Etudes est en pastel, et une sous verre. In addition to collecting original drawings, he also made copies. There were some lots of drawings in his posthumous sale, as well as more than 12, lithographs. Paris Georges Petit, La marquise d'Anglure. Grissell, Esq. Rouen, 29, rue des Bons-Enfants, They lived at 12 rue de Tilsitt, Paris when she lent a pastel said to be of La Tour's mother in William Bartlett in His sale took place in Sale p.

Smith, Burdett Other pastels: Hamilton, Barre. Philippe BURTY , collector, art historian, proponent of Japanese art, critic for the Gazette des Beaux-Arts from , editor of the Correspondance of Delacroix, ; father-in-law of the porcelain manufacturer Charles Haviland. His novel, Grave imprudence , appeared in ; it has certain similarities with the Goncourts' Manette Salomon. Weisberg, "Philippe Burty: a notable critic of the nineteenth century", Apollo , xci, , pp. Lulia sold a magnificent collection of tapestries and pictures in Paris, Two pastels by Perronneau, baron P. Paul's son Jean and granddaughter Marianne Roland Michel continued the business and also published widely on the French eighteenth century.

A pastel after Michelangelo was in his estate inventory Rome, Hans M. A Troost pastel in now in the British Museum. The collection which the Revolution forced him to sell during his exile in London had been assembled during his travels in Europe at a cost of over 60, guineas according to the auction catalogue. His collection of French and Italian drawings commenced in , when he acquired several sheets at the Crozat sale. A major sale, including drawings, took place two years after his death to settle his enormous debts. A pastel portrait by Coypel is known only from a miniature copy.

Watteau [24 livres 1; Chariot] Paris, Christie's, By the s he had built an immense fortune in cork and hydroelectric power. His political writings were influential during the rise of fascism in Spain. He was also a supporter of a degree of Catalan autonomy. Pastels: La Tour, Laideguive. Initially an employee of Hector Brame, he was mainly associated with the Impressionists. His wife was the singer Julia Rivera. He owned pastels by Hall Robert and La Tour homme which he lent to exhibitions in Dictionary, artists.

The pastels listed are presumably his own work, but there may be confusions with Domenico Maria Canuti. Both the Oxenden and Capel Cure families owned picture collections, and she inherited the collection of her brother Basil Oxenden q. Naples a. Abate D. Lionardo Capuano", "conoscitore delle pitture antiche"; "vedendosi molte belle pitture ad olio, ed in pastelli, con rari disegni nel suo bellissimo appartamento".

None is known today. His estate inventory The firm supplied a considerable number of undescribed Louis XV pastels to Duveen Brothers in the early s, according to the latter's accounts. Collections for list in ; his grandmother came from that town. La Tour himself had provided for the unmarried mothers of Saint-Quentin and was familiar with lost causes.

Her posthumous Teilungsinventar documented the division of her collection between her three sons, Karl Ludwig, Friedrich and Ludwig see Lauts The lack of detail makes it very difficult to interpret the inventory, which, among numerous art objects, lists in a separate section some pastels set out below , including unfinished sheets etc. Almost all are unattributed. The original orthography and abbreviations are preserved e. Karlsruhe pp. It appears that the objects in the two inventories are separate.

Ein Frauenzimmerkopf in Pastell von Perronot, in schwarzer Rahme. Mlle Huquier] F 1 do. Ein halbnacktes Frauenzimmer. Rthl [Carriera] Nr. Rthl Ein Frauenzimmer in venetianischer Masque, in Pastell von Leotard. Rthl 88 Nr. Rthl 22 [? Tod der Kleopatra] Nr. Rthl 6 Nr. Rthl Nr. He edited Gomm's letters and wrote a book about Rotherhithe Manor, which his wife inherited from her uncle.

Two Russell pastels left by Martha Goldsworthy to her companion, Sir William Gomm's aunt, passed to his son Hubert , the Liberal politician and publisher, but most of the collection, acquired from Sir William's widow, Dame Elizabeth Ann Kerr , granddaughter of the 5th Marquess of Lothian, were presented for sale at Christie's in as the "Gomm collection" following the passing of the Gomm Heirlooms Act It included old master paintings and early English drawings as well as two pastels.

Cartwright bought two Cotes pastels of members of the Colyear family at the Dawkins sale in , and also owned a Russell Mrs Allingham. He owned a number of pastels which were seized by Hitler or the ERR. His collection was dispersed in a number of sales after his death, including that in New York, Parke-Bernet, Walter Richard CASSELS , author of an anti-religious tract entitled Supernatural religion which attracted much attention when it appeared anonymously in ; he was also a poet and art collector.

He lent pastels by Despax to the Salon de Toulouse in These reappeared in his posthumous sale in Toulouse, 7. Their daughter Diane married the prince de Poix. His art collection, assembled in the period , encompassed some works, mainly of the Golden Age and late 19th century. Mlle Fel. Her extensive collections and Diderot's role in enlarging it are discussed in numerous sources. Dictionary , genealogy, Russia Lit. He was the subject of an intriguing double portrait with his wife, previously in the Groult collection, attributed to Perronneau.

In he inherited the estates of his uncle Claude-Abraham, but he seems not to have used the title of duc de Caylus, which passed in turn to a cousin, Achille-Joseph de Robert, marquis de Lignerac, 2e duc de Caylus c. A catalogue of the collections published in contains items and descriptions that do not precisely match those in the sale e.

Item no. MEREL: [p. Quatre tableaux ovales en pastel de vingt-deux pouces de haut sur vingt-deux pouces de large, [p. Vente, Paris, Remy, Ce Tableau est peint au pastel. Fragonard [30 livres 2] Lot Trois portraits de jolies Femmes, au pastel, ils sont de forme ovale. Hauteur 15 pouces, largeur 12 pouces 6 lignes. A bibliophile, the sale of his library in produced , francs. Dictionary , artists; suppliers, s.

Mme Chaise Vente p. His collection included a number of important portraits as well as books and furniture, of which only part was sold in Emmanuel's brother, vicomte Robert, died on a scientific mission to Abyssinia. Paris, Galerie Charpentier, The comtesse de Champfeu lived at 42 rue de Bourgogne, Paris when she lent two pastels to the Paris a exhibtion, both inherited by her husband from Charles Jourdier q.

Dictionary , index of suppliers. His sale including drawings. Paris, Boussaton, The marquise owned a La Tour pastel Mlle Gaussin in The bulk of his estate was left to his nephew, Joseph II. Six major sales took place after his death, notably that of The posthumous inventory includes 19 pastels no doubt including some by Liotard. Un pastel, h. Deux portraits de S. Un portrait de S. His posthumous sale, Christie's, She lent a pastel thought to be by Perronneau, but now attributed to Hoin to exhibitions in Paris in and Her posthumous sale of pictures and drawings Paris, Georges Petit, 2—3.

Dictionary , genealogy Chaumont. Pastels: Carriera, Callisto ; Coles, Clarissa. Venice , drawings collector, Venice, from whom Crozat q. Considerable confusion surrounds this improbably spelt name variants are Chelchelsberg, Chechelberg. He was the German resident in Venice recorded as consul from , and a member of a family that had held this position for over years.

Gasparo Chechel, presumably his father, was also an art collector, owning mainly Flemish paintings according to his inventory. Giorgio Chechel seems to have acquired some of his collection from Feldmarschall Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg. Giorgio's son Gaspar also seems to have played an important role in the Fondaco de Tedeschi in Venice, and also collected drawings.

Giorgio's grandson, by his daughter Caterina Pezzana, married Elisabeth Le Blond, daughter of the French consul and probably sister of the subject of Rosalba's pastel. Trained as a lawyer, he worked as a museum administrator from He was appointed assistant curator at the Louvre in , and was directeur des Beaux-Arts, Paris His memoirs are of interest. In a letter to Mme de Tencin, 5. He was himself the subject of pastels by Hoare and Knapton. His posthumous inventory recorded "dans une autre chambre au fond du corridor donnant sur le jardin deux tableaux pastels peints sous verre portraits de M.

They were probably versions of the La Tour pastels, one of them being the copy of Belle-Isle now in Metz. A modest art collection was sold after his death, realising livres; the Perronneau portraits of Chevotet and his wife were not recorded. He supported the poor and was a literary patron.

He owned Giulio Romano's pastel self-portrait now in the Uffizi. His inventory Rome, 1. His acquisitions started before his marriage in to the heiress of the Crozat fortune, but it was during the period after his return to Paris that most of his purchases were made, at public sales e. Jullienne, and privately. The collection was dispersed after his disgrace. Part of his collection descended to the princesse de Faucigny-Lucinge q. Paris, Boileau, Paillet, Together with the son of the composer Bizet he founded the Banque automobile, one of the earliest institutions to provide credit for car purchase.

Pastels: Drouais, enfant au bourdon. London , of 8 Vigo Street, London: held an important exhibition of pastels in v.

"La Maison de Rubens" Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1910 book Brussels

London Some of the firm's stock was included in a sale at Sotheby's, A keen gardner and racehorse owner, he also collected a wide range of pictures, textiles, furniture, porcelain etc. Others were sold at auction, Christie's, 7. Clarke q. Dictionary , genealogy, Bayern Bonn, Roslin Lot Restout, attr. He was succeeded by his son, Sir Clive Milnes-Coates, 2nd Bt , who married a daughter of the Marquess of Crewe in and added her name in The pastels in his collection were presumably acquired by Sir Edward. Three were on loan to the Bowes Museum in Smith, various pstls Lots anon.

A number of pastels are now in the Hermitage, some or all acquired through prince Galitzin. Pastels: Russell, Mrs Barber. Germain Seligman visited Gabriel Cognacq's collection at 44 avenue Bugeaud on His daughter married Antoine-Philippe Gentil, premier valet de chambre de la garde-robe du roi. Some records confuse the two. Pastels: Tilson, Lady London , fine art dealers.

Paul Colnaghi was employed from around ; his sons Martin and Dominic joined around In Paul and his son Dominic established the firm of P. In P. Colnaghi took over the firm of Gutekunst and Deprez, and Colnaghi was subsequently run by Otto Gutekunst after the retirement of Edmund Deprez Martin Colnaghi went bankrupt in , and died in ; but his son, Martin Henry Colnaghi , took up art dealing in ; he was never a partner in his uncle's firm, but worked for Henry Graves before establishing the Marlborough Gallery.

He employed R. Dictionary , genealogy Inv. Rome, The entire collection of the doctor, "lately deceased", was sold at auction on Dictionary , genealogy, France Lit. Ce beau morceau peint en pastel, porte 13 pouces de haut, sur 11 pouces de large: il vient du cabinet de M.

Mariette, no. He owned several pastels by Russell Godbold; Love songs and matches; Age of bliss. Her brother married a van Zuylen. Bruges, Pachtere, 7. Giovannino; 6 testi. Hauteur, 20 pouces; largeur, 16 pouc. Pastels: La Tour, auto. New York, Anderson, Dictionary , artists Sale p. One ditto by F. A Venus and Cupid by ditto. He was active in many art committees, and participated in numerous exhibitions. He lent a La Tour pastel to Paris b; by it belonged to his wife's nephew.

His fortune was estimated at his death at c. His collection, of nearly lots, included paintings, drawings, prints, enamels and miniatures, and some portraits, classified separately. Pierre, 18 pouces de haut, sur 14 pouces 6 lignes de large [22 livres; Glomy] Lot [Anon:] Une Madeleine peinte au pastel.

Paris, Galerie Jean Charpentier, Paris, Remy, He was the son of an organ bulder, plain John Courcelle, and initially taught music before taking a degree at Worcester College, Oxford as a mature student. He was rector of Ardrossan but held no office after , living on independent means at 24 Arundel Gardens, Notting Hill. Paris, Escribe, His very extensive collections were sold in several sales in , and included pastels by La Tour, Perronneau and Greuze as well as a good many anonymes.

New York, Christie's, Panshanger House, built by the 5th Earl, was demolished in , and the Sotheby's sale followed. Dictionary , genealogy London, Sotheby's, Charles Coypel, du tableau du Correge qui est au Palais Royal: elle est sous une glace [72 livres; St. After the Revolution he formed a collection of portraits of illustrious persons, mainly from the reign of Louis XIV. Portrait de Voltaire, par Ch. Coypel, en Portrait de C. Bol Lot La Rosalba. The sale that took place shortly after the Gaston's death included a group of miniatures as well as large numbers of coins, medals, cameos and intaglios, but only one pastel.

Paris, Drouot, Chevallier, The Mengs pastels were reported by Diderot in Pastels: Mengs, courtisane ; philiosophe. Cronier rose to be managing director of the firm and after Say's death trustee of his estate. He acquired French and English 18th century portraits, as well as paintings by Watteau and Fragonard, from Gimpel and others during the period until his suicide in.

Acting in concert with Jaluzot, founder of the Printemps department store, they used the Say estate to take an enormous long position which proved disastrous when the price of sugar halved. Criminal proceedings against Jaluzot commenced, while Cronier took cyanide and simultaneously shot himself. The posthumous sale in does not include all his collection, as he occasionally made exchanges he acquired a pastel child by Russell from Gimpel in After his death in , the collection was sold to Diderot as agent for Catherine II, and is now in the Hermitage.

A group of pastels by Wallerant Vaillant were said to have been acquired from Crozat by prince Galitzin q. Courajod, Paris, , I, p. Catalogue des tableaux du cabinet de M. Les quatre saisons en quatre demi figures de femmes avec leus attributs. Un portrait de profil. Une vierge. Portrait de Louis XV esquisse. Henri also owned a group of portraits from Wertmuller's Bordeaux period. Sales of Chinese porcelain and other items took place in London, Sotheby's, 7. His posthumous sale was scheduled for 3.

None of the nine pastels in his sale is known even from reproductions today. His broad ranging collections were dispersed in a series of sales from His collection, "removed from his late Apartments at St James's and his House at Twickenham", was sold in three parts, with Christie's taking charge of the pictures; sales of medals and drawings took place over the following weeks.

Charles H. The British Museum acquired approximately drawings or prints from him, including a pastel by Drummond. Auguste's posthumous sale included an important collection of early prints. His interests ranged from paintings and miniatures to oriental art and antiquities - some of which appear in a Vuillard portrait of him. During the war some of the collection was seized by the ERR; pastels included a Greuze jeune fille and a Nanteuil, Hardouin. After his death, his collection of miniatures was split into two groups, one given to the Louvre and the other bought by Wildenstein and sold complete to Sir Charles Clore.

David-Weill's philanthropic tradition is continued by his grandson Michel David-Weill. Morice, "La collection David-Weill His eldest son, James Dawkins , started his Grand Tour in when he inherited his father's estates; he developed an interest in archaeology, and collected pictures; apart from his own portrait, he commissioned a set of the Seasons from Rosalba. His brother Henry, the subject of a pastel by La Tour, was admitted to the Society of Dilettanti on the strength of James's celebrity. Their pictures descended to Henry's grandson, the Rev. The collection passed to their son Edward Henry Frederick Dawkins before the sale.

Lot 9: James Dawkins [80 gns; Toogood]; Lot the same, ov. He lent pastels by Perronneau to the Cent pastels exhibition in Fellowes; Singer. He later turned to the cinema. He built up a collection of French 18th century engravings from the age of 40 before switching to old master drawings and then paintings. He sold these in ; a collection which cost Fr, sold for Fr1. But he restarted collecting immediately, repurchasing some of his own collection at the sale and later.

A number of drawings were sold in Pierre Decourcelle", Les Arts , , , p. Mme Poisson. The group consisted of five pastels thought to be by La Tour, four of which seem to have been acquired by Auguste de Gas in an anonymous Paris sale, All four, with a further La Tour magistrat , were lent to the Paris a exhibition. Degas also owned a Rosalba autoritratto.

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Degas frequently visited Saint-Quentin. Shortly after the death of his father, the affairs of the family bank obliged Degas to seek to sell much of the collection, and some of the pastels were acquired by Hector Brame. Her will included pastels by Liotard and Pond. Robert Edward DELL , journalist, first editor of the Burlington magazine , ; he resigned to become Paris correspondent of the Manchester Guardian , and also owned Shirleys Ltd, a gallery at 9 boulevard Malesherbes. In a review of the Doucet sale for the Burlington , Dell expressed infuriation that a pastel by La Tour should fetch more than a canvas by Fragonard.

He was expelled from France after the war, having criticised the the French Government's peace negotiations in He later lived in New York. He lent several pastels to the Paris exhibition, which he organised with his associates Max Rothschild and R. Dell's attribution of two pastels to Engleheart q. Hamilton, Adelaide Payne ; Phelps, Handel. His son became an MP in , and he was well known as a patron and connoisseur. Although his wealth earned him the nickname of Peter the Tsar, his prodigious spending led to financial difficulties and he shot himself at his London home, 15 Grosvenor Square.

The attribution of the pastels in the sale presumably that of his son, Peter III, should be treated with caution. After his father's death in , he took charge of the family villa at San Donato near Florence, part of which he turned over to a workshop for the manufacture of silks, while also enlarging the extensive art collection.

An expedition to the Crimea which he organised in resulted in the numerous scientific publications. In he married Napoleon's niece, princesse Mathilde q. Demidov's collections and titles passed to his nephew Paul Demidov London, The Wallace Collection, Pastels: I.

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Based in Paris, rue de Berry c. He was in competition with Duveen, and accusations of forgery of goods supplied by Demotte led to a defamation action that ended when Demotte was found dead near Versailles.

Berthoud, S. Henry (Samuel Henry) 1804-1891

His business passed to his son Lucien, who committed suicide in Demotte Inc. Journu ; Mme Legrix ; Mme Molles. Paris, Chevallier, Dutch paintings figured strongly in his collection, but the pastels seem mainly to have been Perronneau's portraits of members of his family. Perronneau , p. In an inventory of 3. The premises of "Desmarest, graveur depuis " are still preserved in the Palais-Royal.

A large collection of drawings and prints were in the sale; possibly the same vendor as the dealer in the sale of "J.

Desmarets, cessation de commerce". A Desmarets was a commissaire priseur from rue du Bouloi, c. Paris, Rouseau, Geoffroy, 4. His albums of architectural drawings are in a number of public collections, including Berlin and St Petersburg. His grandson Philippe d'Estailleur-Chanteraine had a pastel said to be by Perronneau of the naturalist Daubenton. They were also supporters of the arts. His sale, Paris, Drouot, Pouchet, This was dispersed in two sales and , following his widow's death.

His son Antoine-Nicolas , also a magistrate, was the author of the Voyage pittoresque de Paris and des environs de Paris , of several gardening treatises, and of an extension of his father's work, the Vies des dameux architectes et sculpteurs… Dezallier d'Argenville: Paris, The celebrated type founder was Firmin Didot He may have been the Didot whose sale took place in His son, Ambroise-Firmin Didot, later known as Ambroise Firmin-Didot , diplomat and traveller, took over the business in He was interested in classical literature, typography, paper making and engraving, and his reference books on the Drevets and Les Graveurs de portraits en France , are of great use.

He presumably assembled the collection of 18 pastels and drawings by Wallerant Vaillant which were lent to the Paris exhibition by his son Alfred Firmin-Didot , also a printer. Didot: Paris, Henry Lacoste, After his death his widow married Abel Vautier, a parlementaire from Caen. They cannot now be identified specifically.

The case of Shrager v Basil Dighton Ltd , in which he was sued by a dissatisfied client, is frequently cited as a legal precedent. He travelled in Italy in , and wrote to Rosalba Carriera on He was Walter Gay's agent.